introduce passive fence protection net from two connection modes of frame net

We have introduced the frame protection net products before. Maybe you don’t know that the frame protection net can be further classified according to the form. Here is an introduction

the biggest feature of frame protection net is the combination of net surface and frame. The classification methods to be introduced are also classified according to different connection forms, which are mainly divided into two categories

the first type: the mesh surface is directly welded on one side of the frame, that is, it is simply pasted on the frame, which belongs to the common frame protection net

the second kind: drilling and threading protective net, that is, drilling is carried out in the middle of the frame frame frame, and the net surface is connected with the frame at each drilling place, so that the stability of the fence is better

the above two are the classification methods of framework protection net. 1n fact, no matter which form of framework protection net, it has the same advantages and characteristics, and the scope of application is also similar. The choice of protection net depends on the preference of the business

the two kinds of double side wire protection net and border protection net are the most popular. They are cheap, and are good choices for temporary use or long-term use. The color of the protection net is grass green, and the price of the protection net depends on the quantity and quality of the protection net required by everyone

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