is helmet really safe? You may have been wearing the wrong thing all the time

The hat that can protect human head from falling objects and other specific factors is called safety helmet. First, the impact force is decomposed to the whole area of the skull in an instant, and then most of the impact force is absorbed by using the elastic deformation, plastic deformation and allowable structural damage of various parts of the safety helmet, such as the structure and material of the safety helmet shell and the safety helmet liner, and the buffer structure (socket, tether, suture, cushion, etc.), Finally, the impact force acting on the head of the operator is reduced to less than 4900n, so as to protect the head of the operator from injury or reduce the injury

correct wearing method

the wearing of safety helmet should comply with the standard and the use should comply with the regulations. 1f it is not worn and used correctly, it will not play a full protective role. Generally, we should pay attention to the following items:

(1) adjust the position of the cap after adjusting the position to the proper position before wearing the safety helmet, and then fasten the elastic belt in the cap. The tightness of the cushion is adjusted by the belt, and the vertical distance between the top of the head and the top of the cap body is generally between 25 and 50 mm. Only in this way can the cap body have enough space for buffering when it is impacted, and it is also conducive to the ventilation between the head and the cap body

(2) don’t wear the helmet askew, and don’t wear the brim behind your head. Otherwise, the protective effect of safety helmet on impact will be reduced

(3) the mandible belt of the helmet must be buckled under the jaw and fastened firmly with moderate tightness. 1n this way, the helmet will not be blown off by the strong wind, or knocked off by other obstacles, or fall off due to the back and forth swing of the head

(4) on the top of the safety helmet body, in addition to the installation of the cap lining inside the helmet body, some holes are also opened for ventilation. But when using, do not open the hole for the sake of ventilation. Because this will reduce the strength of the cap body

(5) the safety helmet will be damaged gradually during use. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly to see if there are cracks, sags, cracks and wear. 1f any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be replaced immediately and it is not allowed to continue to use. Any hard hat that has been severely hit or cracked, no matter whether it is damaged or not, should be scrapped

(6) it is strictly forbidden to use the safety helmet with only the lower jaw belt connected to the cap shell, that is, the safety helmet without buffer layer in the cap

(7) construction personnel are not allowed to take off the safety helmet, put it aside, or use it as a cushion in the field operation

(8) the safety helmet is mostly made of high-density low-pressure polyethylene plastic, which has the properties of hardening and metamorphosis, so it is not easy to be exposed to the sun for a long time

(9) for new helmets, first check whether there are safety signs and product certificates, then check whether they are damaged, uneven thickness, and whether the buffer layer, adjusting belt and elastic belt are complete and effective. 1f it does not meet the requirements, it shall be replaced immediately

(10) safety helmets should also be worn when working indoors, especially when working live indoors, because safety helmets can not only prevent collision, but also play an insulating role

(11) when using safety helmet, keep it clean and tidy, do not touch the fire source, do not paint at will, and do not sit on a stool to prevent loss. 1f it is lost or damaged, it must be reissued or replaced immediately. No one is allowed to enter the scene without safety helmet

use and storage

incorrect wearing will lead to the safety helmet not playing a protective role when it is impacted. According to the statistics of relevant departments, 15% of the accidents caused by falling objects are caused by improper use of safety helmets. Therefore, it can not be considered that wearing a helmet can protect the head from injury. The following problems should be paid attention to in the process of use:

1. Before using the safety helmet, the appearance of the safety helmet should be checked to see if there are cracks, bruises, uneven, wear, whether the cap lining is complete, whether the structure of the cap lining is in normal state, and if there are obvious defects on the safety helmet that affect its performance, it should be scrapped in time to avoid affecting the protective effect

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