is radiation protective clothing useful?

There are too many pollution sources in today’s living environment. 1n recent years, the haze is gradually aggravating, and the electromagnetic radiation is always threatening people’s health. More authoritative experts and medical personnel said that electromagnetic radiation, an invisible, colorless and tasteless substance, has a great potential threat to human health. With the publicity and promotion of electromagnetic radiation protection knowledge in recent years, more and more people begin to work on electromagnetic radiation protection, and there are many kinds of radiation protection products on the market. Radiation protective clothing is one of the more popular products. So does radiation protective clothing work? Which brand of radiation proof work clothes is good

is anti radiation work clothes useful?

anti radiation work clothes are mainly made of metal fiber fabric and ordinary textile fabric, and made of advanced anti radiation technology. Anti radiation work clothes can reduce or shield electromagnetic radiation. 1n recent years, people pay more attention to the protection of electromagnetic radiation, so there are many brands of anti radiation work clothes on the market, and the industry is developing well. However, this is often the case, and the more problems are faced. For example, cautious consumers are skeptical about the performance of anti radiation work clothes, and have raised the question of whether anti radiation work clothes are useful

in 2016, the China Consumer Association conducted a comparative analysis of 21 mainstream radiation protective clothing products. 1n this experiment, we also purchased two kinds of radiation protective clothing, namely, radiation protective jacket and radiation protective tooling. 1n view of the fact that the national standard for daily use radiation protection clothing has not yet been issued, the test system is built according to the standard of GB / T 23463-2009 “protective clothing microwave radiation protective clothing”. 1n the experiment, the frequency of the incident electromagnetic field is 100-500mhz, 500-1000mhz an2.45GHz, which basically covers the frequency range of the main electromagnetic waves existing in the current living places. After professional experimental detection, it is found that anti radiation work clothes have good shielding effect on abdomen, chest, limbs, etc. professional anti radiation work clothes have neckline, hem, cuffs, trouser cuffs, etc., which can better protect against electromagnetic radiation, so anti radiation work clothes are useful

which brand of radiation protective clothing is better

according to the market survey of radiation protective clothing conducted by AC Nielsen, an authoritative market research organization in the world, many manufacturers of radiation protective products are involved in radiation protective clothing

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