is t / C fabric antistatic?

1s polyester / cotton fabric antistatic? Polyester and cotton fabric will produce static electricity, and because of the mixture of the two substances, this kind of fabric has some disadvantages, such as poor moisture absorption and permeability, not easy to degrade and so on. T / C work clothes are a mixture of T / C and cotton fibers. Therefore, t / C work clothes not only maintain the characteristics of high strength and good recovery of polyester fiber, but also have the characteristics of strong moisture absorption of cotton fiber, easy dyeing, non ironing and quick drying after washing

compared with polyester / cotton fabric, anti-static work clothes is a kind of special new fabric. Generally, we will have instruments to measure whether it achieves the effect of anti-static, but without equipment, how can we make a quick judgment? Anti static work clothes have conductive fiber, and the main component of this fiber is carbon, so we can often see that there are some obvious crisscross lines in anti-static work clothes. At the same time, due to the needs of the style of static work clothes, many work clothes use flat weave, which will be harder than the others

due to the conductive function of cotton fiber, some conductive fibers are mainly composed of cotton, so when we are relatively comfortable with clothes, we can judge that they are not anti-static

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