is there any difference between antistatic shoes and conductive shoes? Are you still confused?

Anti static safety shoes and conductive shoes are common shoes in our life, which can eliminate human body static electricity, but they play different functions in work, and they also need different use methods when wearing. What are the differences between these two kinds of shoes? What are the unique features when using it

first, in the process of wearing anti-static safety shoes, it is necessary to wear them together with anti-static work clothes, so as to more effectively ensure the effect of anti-static. However, conductive shoes can be used alone when wearing, which can not only play the function with any clothes, but also ensure the actual use effect, 1t can effectively prevent the occurrence of static electricity

Second, anti-static safety shoes can prevent electric shock below 250 V, but conductive shoes can not be used in any place where there may be electric shock risk. 1t is very easy to lead to drainage, which will cause great security threat to staff

3. Conductive shoes and anti-static safety shoes should not be equipped with any insulation pads during wearing< Four, the environmental requirements for the ground are also different. The anti-static safety shoes should be used on the anti-static ground, and the conductive shoes should be used on the conductive ground. This is the obvious difference between the two. 1n the process of wearing, we must pay attention to these areas to ensure the excellent functionality of the two kinds of shoes

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