it is known as the first intelligent sound insulation earplug in the world

the world is noisy, and we are always surrounded by all kinds of noises. Have you ever been in a situation where when you need to be completely quiet in the office, your co-workers are calling loudly to upset you? When you come home after work and want to have a good rest, the neighbor upstairs is having a party, which makes you feel uneasy? When you finally plan to lie down to sleep, he / she around you snores like thunder, making you unable to sleep

at present, a smart sound insulation earplug named hush is crowdfunding on kcikstar. The design team of this product believes that this product can give you a moment of peace in the office, or help you get a good night’s sleep. However, sound insulation is not the biggest feature of this earplug. 1n addition to filtering out the noises you don’t want to hear, it also allows you to hear the important sounds you can’t miss at any time

the team said on KickStarter’s crowdfunding page: “hush is a small, portable, but powerful smart device. 1t allows you to enjoy peace anytime, anywhere. Whenever you feel sleepy, you should be able to go to sleep immediately and completely isolate the surrounding noise. Hush is such a smart device that can provide you with a quiet environment at any time

however, in the contemporary society, each of us shoulders a variety of responsibilities. Maybe you are an entrepreneur and need to answer the phone at any time to deal with problems; Maybe you are already a parent, and you are always looking forward to the children who are studying far away to call you. Missing an important call is something everyone doesn’t want to happen. This is the highlight of hush, which can help you cut off the noise without missing important calls. Hush can communicate with your smartphone wirelessly. When you wear it, unwanted noises are isolated; When your mobile phone receives a call, hush will automatically play the call sound, so that you don’t miss important calls. With hush, you don’t have to worry about missing a call while you’re sleeping. “

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