it is urgent to crack down on counterfeiting in the field of work safety

On March 15 of the next year, 1 heard and witnessed all kinds of false phenomena in grass-roots safety supervision work. 1 think it is necessary to put forward and cause high concern

production safety is related to the safety of people’s lives and property and social stability. There must be no falsehood, and there must be “zero tolerance”. There is an urgent need to strike hard to completely eliminate and eradicate this bad habit

in order to solve the problem of counterfeiting in the field of production safety, we should first establish rules and regulations. To strengthen the source control, leading cadres should take the responsibility of the first person responsible for safety production, keep self-discipline at all times, start from improving the professional quality of managers, continuously strengthen the training of business skills, and strengthen the sense of responsibility

secondly, it is necessary to actively create a good atmosphere of truth-seeking and pragmatic work safety, improve the transparency of safety management, set up a fraud report letter mailbox, smooth the reporting channels, put safety management under the sun, crack down on counterfeiters, be seriously accountable and make public. We should keep pace with the times, distinguish the true from the false, seriously organize relevant personnel to learn the laws and regulations of work safety and the common sense of supervision, and cultivate a pair of “golden eyes” to prevent the false

the third is to vigorously publicize the harmfulness of safety production fraud, analyze the causes of the phenomenon, find out the internal and external factors, cut off the source, prevent the false response with countermeasures under the existing policies, and comprehensively implement the “four no, two direct” and “double random” random inspection and supervision methods, so as to make the fraud have no opportunity and profit, and let the counterfeiters have no place to hide

at the 8th China 1nternational Exhibition on work safety and occupational health, China Federation of labor protection articles announced that the “China tracking and traceability system for labor protection articles” was officially put into use. Blue sky Haicheng is one of the first enterprises to enter the “product tracking and traceability system” of China labor protection products alliance

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