it’s 5000 yuan per ton. 1s it the turn of polyurethane (TPU) to go up?

Since February, the price of raw materials has not stopped rising, no matter titanium dioxide, butadiene and other raw materials have been in a state of soaring. Since the beginning of December 2016, the price of pure benzene has been rising; By the middle of February 2017, the growth rate had reached 27%! Affected by this, many TPU enterprises also adjusted their prices accordingly. The main reason is that the prices of main raw materials also increased, among which the price of AA increased the most, reaching 23%< 1n fact, on Februar5, Wanhua chemical increased the price of all TPU products by 1500-2000 yuan / ton today, Wanhua chemical adjusts the price of all TPU products again! Since February 27, 2017: the sales prices of all TPU products in Wanhua chemical’s domestic market have been increased by RMB 5000-5500 / T on the original basis the sales price of all TPU products in Asia Pacific export business will be increased by 300-400 US dollars / ton on the original basis in addition to Wanhua chemical, Chuanxu chemical also adjusted the price of polyurethane sole stock solution on February 26, and the price increase range was about 2000-3000 yuan / ton on February 25, Ruian Huafeng Sales Co., Ltd. raised the price of polyurethane sole stock solution, and the increase range of proportioning price was about 2000-2300 yuan / ton on February 10, Shanghai HengAn polyurethane adjusted the price of all TPU products, increasing 1500-2000 yuan / ton on the original basis in addition, Reichhold announced that it will increase the price of all solvent alkyd resins, water diluted alkyd resins and copolymers, alkyd emulsion, acrylic emulsion, polyol, polyurethane, epoxy resin, saturated polyester and polyester powder coating resin, and this price range applies to all products sold in the United States and Canada. All orders involving deliveries on or after March 20, 2017 comments: HengAn, Ruihua, xuchuan chemical and other enterprises have started to adjust the price of TPU, and Wanhua chemical has adjusted the price of TPU twice in just 20 days, which has increased by 6500-7500 / T compared with before. This is really crazy! Does the substantial price adjustment of polyurethane enterprises mean that a new round of price increase of polyurethane will sweep the whole industry chain? Where should the downstream enterprises go? 1f the raw material goes up like this, will it confirm a saying: God wants to destroy it, he must make it crazy first source: aibang polymer

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