it’s not advisable to wear masks and dance square dance with yellow warning on top of haze

Recently, Beijing has been locked by fog and haze. The news of an aunt dancing in the square at the gate of Yuanmingyuan in the face of haze yellow warning has aroused heated discussion

on the afternoon of the 14th, the government upgraded and issued the yellow warning of heavy air pollution on the 14th. The air quality of Beijing is maintained at the level of heavy pollution. The data show that the real-time concentration of PM2.5 in most areas of Beijing is above 200 μ g / m3, and the real-time concentration of PM2.5 in some stations has exceeded 300 μ g / m3

although the anti haze mask has a certain protective effect on haze, there are still risks for human body exposed to haze for a long time. 1 hope that in outdoor sports, we try to choose the time with better air quality to go out for exercise

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