it’s not safe to go to the gym in haze days. 1t’s recommended to wear a mask when you choose to run on the road

it’s better not to run outdoors in case of severe haze

recently, many places have experienced the most severe haze since winter. Although the fog and haze in North China, Huang Huai and other places will gradually weaken and dissipate with the gale cooling weather in most areas of central and eastern China, this winter, the fog and haze days still can not be ignored

for runners and sports lovers, haze and air pollution limit our pace of running. So the question is, should we exercise in a haze day? How to exercise? Especially if the indoor air quality is not good, how should we deal with it

indoor exercise is also particular

in the case of severe haze, many runners who have sports habits will choose to exercise indoors, but they also have their own particular attention indoors

first, you’d better not go to the indoor public gymnasium, badminton hall, basketball hall and other venues. The expert’s suggestion is, please exercise in your own home

Second, your preparation is not simple before exercising at home

first of all, it is necessary to keep the doors and windows closed to reduce the penetration rate of air pollutants from outdoor to indoor and reduce the indoor PM2.5 concentration. Subsequently, the need for “dust removal”, you can choose a brand reputation of indoor air purifier, should also put more green plants in the room< Thirdly, the choice of sports is very important. To choose as much as possible does not need to increase the amount of breathing exercise, mainly flexibility, coordination, balance and other aspects of exercise female friends can choose to do yoga, Pilates and a small amount of rope skipping; Men can do some strength training, such as push ups, squats, but also with the help of dumbbells, barbells, thrusters and other auxiliary equipment exercise when you choose to run on the road, it is recommended to wear masks. many runners have the habit of running on the road for a long time. 1n light haze, they will still choose to wear masks for outdoor sports, but in fact, not all masks can help you resist the bad weather. This is why many people still have sore throat and sore throat after exercise Cough and other adverse reactions friendly reminder: if you encounter severe haze days, you’d better not exercise or run outdoors

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