it’s the best way to get a ventilated and cool mask in summer

The weather in summer is like a fickle woman,

for a while thunder and rain,

for a while clear sky,

don’t go out in rainy days,

go out in sunny days

direct sun like this,

and so on,

dust flying all over the sky ~

you say wear a mask

in the summer of 39 degrees,

wearing an ordinary mask won’t suffocate you

do you all wear masks

a collection of “summer masks” were found on the omnipotent treasure of Xiaobian,

ran goose

unexpectedly, the style of painting is purple,

mom’s bed sheet is the same

please forgive my haha point so low

1 almost didn’t laugh at this vent

broken silk flowers? Are you sure it’s not the same fabric as pajamas

lift your nose cap? Well, maybe it can be used as a rice bag

all the above are Yiwu wholesale money, you can know

please be careful if you want to buy

anyway, 1 dare not compliment you

we are different from those coquettish products

so Xiao Bian went to consult the omnipotent circle of friends,

they all gave me Amway this one,

3m9001v mask

the following is the feeling after use, You can refer to it at will

the cold flow breathing valve can cool you all summer

the quality looks very good,

a full box

it’s very comfortable to wear, but the key point is not to sweat,

this mask has a switch like thing,

although it’s a little strange, it’s also very fashionable,

after you bring it on, 1t’s really nice to breathe,

there’s a cool feeling,

it’s like there’s a small fan blowing in it,

and it’s red all the time,

the ordinary mask is really low burst compared with it,

went to check it specially,

it’s called cold flow breathing valve,

it can effectively remove hot gas, Keep cool in time,

let you breathe out hot air and breathe in cold air

it seems to be a little fierce ~

the protection function is super strong

Kn90 level protection (this is a professional saying, let me say something about people below)

this mask is really conscience,

it uses electrostatic filter cotton to filter and absorb,

and it has three layers

achieve 90% filtration effect,

triple blocking

directly block pm2.5/dust out,

this is what 1 took when 1 went out on the weekend,

because the roadside is under repair, the dust is relatively large,

the outside is dark, but the inside is still very clean,

and there is no dust in my nose,

this adsorption capacity is amazing

many scenes can be used at will

dust construction site

smog City

outdoor riding

rhinitis patients

subway sneezing and coughing can not be covered

it can prevent dust, haze, dust,

car exhaust, second-hand smoke…

it can also prevent sunken shape,

this mask is not to be afraid of sandstorm,

it is most suitable for workers in dust environment such as construction site and decoration

highly recommended

the appearance is fashionable and easy to wear

the mask is made of metal aluminum strip with good stability,

it is not easy to deform,

the elastic pull rope can be used for all people,

the face can be used again

well, this issue of popular product recommendation is coming to an end,


welfare time

the place to buy is,

South China city network industrial products MRO mall,

links all help you find good

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[tips for wearing mask]

1. Face the face of the mask without nose clip, hold one ear band with both hands to make the nose clip above the mask


3. Pull the ear band behind the ear and adjust the ear band until it feels as comfortable as possible

4. Place your fingers in the middle of the metal nose clip, and press inward while moving your fingertips along the tip of the nose to both sides until the nose clip is completely pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose. Using only one hand to pinch the middle nose clip may affect the tightness of the mask

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