Japan develops fiber for sunlight and far infrared ray heating of human body

in the underwear stores of Japan in the autumn and winter of 2010, the commodity war of heating and heat preservation function is becoming increasingly white hot. Due to the fever of SPA (special store retailer of private label apparel) and the upsurge of thermal underwear last year, competitive underwear manufacturers have put into production one after another. 1n addition, clothing chain stores and GMS will also put in a lot of private brand goods (Pb goods), Garment manufacturers and other industries will also join this market

when it comes to functional fibers for heating and heat preservation, most of them are hygroscopic and calorific, which absorb moisture during sweating and circulate to heat and release moisture. Omikenshi, a representative large factory of functional textiles in Japan, started to develop functional fibers that can produce heat and heat preservation effect without moisture, thus the “solar touch” was born

“solar touch” is a kind of short man-made fiber doped with particulate metal oxide. The metal oxide particles absorb the infrared rays emitted by the sun and the human body, and become heat energy to generate heat by themselves. From the sun, there are all kinds of light shining on the earth. This light is also called “electromagnetic wave”, which means fluctuating energy, but not heat energy. Matter absorbs fluctuating energy, resonates, molecules become active, molecules collide with each other in matter, and heat energy is generated, which makes the temperature of matter rise” Solar touch “is a functional fiber that uses this principle

“solar touch” makes the fiber warm by adding metal oxide particles which can absorb infrared rays in a wide range. Different from hygroscopic heating fiber, it can generate heat even in a dry state, so there is no need to sweat

in the company’s test, “solar touch” has a higher calorific value than cotton” Solar touch “uses 30% cotton blended knitted fabric, which has high calorific value, so its thermal insulation lasts for a long time. 1n addition, there is a special function of “solar touch” which can use the trace far infrared emitted by the human body to generate heat and store heat

“solar touch” is also developed as an environmental protection product to prevent global environmental warming. The energy saving applied in the home and office will not feel cold even if the heating is lowered by 1 to 2 degrees centigrade, contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

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