Japan makes dog fireproof clothes to help fight fire

The brave dog followed the fire fighters to fight the fire. At this time, some animal protection organizations protested and said, “why don’t dogs have fire suits?”? Now, a fundamental solution has been found to this problem. According to rocketnews24, a Japanese website, on November 22, fire dogs have their own fire-proof clothing, which is the first one in Japan

the safety of fire dogs has always been the biggest concern of dog owners. However, now as long as the dog put on a set of specially made for them, the problem is solved. The dog’s owner just needs to help the dog wear his gear. After dressing up, a super cute fire dog will appear in front of you. 1t will look at you with bright eyes and say, “master, now 1 am a real fire fighter!”

wearing this set of flame retardant equipment, no matter your dog is in the fire scene or performing tasks in the war zone, it can ensure that it will not be burned. At the same time, the solemn protest of PETA can also be rejected. This set of fireproof clothes is specially made for large dogs, and each set of clothes also has a name tag, so that it can be recovered in time after separated from the dog in case of emergency

at present, the price of a set of fire-proof clothing for dogs is 20790 yen (about 1246.8 yuan). Think about whether the future will launch meow star people’s fireproof clothing, which is unlikely. Because, you can certainly guess, your cat will mercilessly abandon you at the first moment of danger and run far away

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