Japan: trendy work clothes become a recruitment tool to attract young women

1n recent years, a number of Japanese catering chain enterprises have changed their work clothes. Kyodo said the move was to attract more young women to work

in February this year, the ice cream chain baslobin began to replace the old style work clothes with new clothes designed by “wego”. Old work clothes are common striped clothes in fast food restaurants, while new work clothes T-shirts are printed with the company’s brand, which are divided into three colors: pink, navy blue and light blue, so that employees can choose according to their own preferences

“Dennys” restaurant chain has also started to change the work clothes of female employees since April. The original overalls are mainly brown, while the new overalls are short brown skirts and colorful blouses. Employees can also choose light pink, light blue or light yellow

a manager of basrobin said that the change of work clothes should be at the request of some chain stores, which think that attractive work clothes can help the stores to recruit part-time staff more easily. As a result, the company chose a brand popular among young people to redesign

a 20-year-old female college student who works part-time in a baslobin shop in Tokyo’s muhei district said: “1 like this new overalls. 1t’s very different from the traditional overalls. Even if you are very busy, you will feel full of strength in this kind of work clothes. “

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