Japanese rigorous and unique work clothes complex

Whether it’s tea ceremony or flower arrangement, the Japanese pay attention to “form” in doing things. No matter what they do, they have to put on a good posture first and dress the same way. 1n general, the Japanese wear sportswear for sports, household clothes for leisure and disaster prevention clothes for fighting against disasters

every time there is an earthquake in Japan, members of the special headquarters of the prime minister’s residence should wear special work clothes. According to the staff of the prime minister’s residence, the commander wearing this uniform is not only convenient to go to the disaster area, but also can keep clean

each local government in Japan has its own anti disaster work clothes with different colors and styles. 1n addition, government departments and local organizations have not only special anti disaster clothing, but also safety helmets. After the earthquake, announcers of all TV stations put on safety helmets to broadcast

Japan’s work clothes industry is very developed, especially in the manufacture of safety protection clothing. For example, reflective overalls to improve the safety of night work, special overalls for use in dangerous environments and anti-skid and heat insulation safety boots are all invented by the Japanese

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