Japanese women scientists wear aprons to do research

The “Cooking Apron” used to be worn by Japanese housewives to do housework has recently regained popularity. According to Asahi Shimbun on February 14, a 30-year-old woman from the 1nstitute of physics and chemistry, who has successfully produced a new type of universal cell (STAP cell), was wearing a Cooking Apron “given by her grandmother” instead of a white coat when doing research, making the Cooking Apron regain its popularity

recently, xiaobaofang’s apron dress has caused a hot topic. The sales of cooking aprons are hot, and even the sales of cooking aprons on shopping websites have tripled in the past

nearly 100 cooking aprons were sold in one month in the shopping website “kimono and Japanese life store tayu-tafu”. Since February, the number of orders has doubled. The price of cooking aprons in the shop is 3675 yen, with a total of eight colors” 1 don’t know if everyone wants to be the same as MS. Baofang, but what sells most is the white one she wears, “said the president of yunadan. After the news of omnipotent cell was released on January 29, the number of visitors to the other five popular shops selling cooking aprons on the Japanese shopping website “Lotte market” also increased, and the daily orders of some shops tripled as usual

in fact, this kind of cooking apron that women used to wear when cooking was “quietly popular” not long before xiaobaofang got attention. Different from ordinary aprons, this kind of Japanese Cooking Apron has sleeves and covers all the arms. 1t can not only prevent the clothes from being soiled, but also keep warm after wearing

“because of the rise in electricity bills, (cooking aprons) can save money on heating.” young housewives began to turn their eyes to this kind of clothing last autumn. Takashimoya Osaka, a Japanese department store, began to increase the patterns of cooking aprons in its stores. From September last year to the end of January this year, its sales increased by about 20% compared with the same period last year

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