Jiangdu OEM shoe enterprise’s “brand creation” Transformation Road

as a famous leather shoes production center in China, the wholesale business of “Suzhong Trade City” in Jiangdu leather shoes distribution market is still prosperous as before, and now all kinds of stores are replacing the “front shop and back work” in those years. However, Wang Kailin, director of the office of Jiangdu Leather Association, has another feeling: “although more than 100000 pairs of leather shoes are transported from here to all parts of the country every day, there is no really famous brand.”

“borrow brand” started

Jiangdu people’s shoe making history is nearly 800 years. Today, there are more than 750 large and small shoe factories and workshops in the city, which has become the largest shoe-making base in East China, with 35000 people engaged in this traditional industry. What makes Jiangdu people proud is that at that time, almost one in every 15 people in the country wore Jiangdu shoes

the development of Jiangdu shoemaking industry is closely related to Shanghai. Zhou Xiaoxiang, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Jiangdu municipal Party committee, worked in villages and towns for a long time. He recalled that in the 1980s, in huadang town alone, there were joint ventures of famous shoe factories such as Shanghai baoclo shoe factory and Heming shoe factory. One of the joint ventures had more than 1000 employees, the scale of which can be imagined” The joint venture with Shanghai shoe factory only needs to produce according to the requirements. The raw materials are owned by others, and the production plan and sales are owned by others. With the gold lettered signboard of Shanghai leather shoes, Jiangdu leather shoes are all the rage all over the country. “

in the midst of prosperity, no one thought that the crisis was coming

in the middle and late 1990s, with the rise of leather shoes in Guangdong and Zhejiang, the state-owned time-honored shoe factories in Shanghai either closed down or were merged, and the joint venture factories in Jiangdu also plummeted

“OEM” goes to the sea

the large-scale shoe factories have closed down, and more small private enterprises and small workshops have appeared all over the world

Chen L1ANGHA1, 51 years old, is the general manager of a large-scale shoe enterprise with more than 500 employees in Jiangdu. Fifteen years ago, Suzhong business city opened. He rented a shop and sold shoes here with more than 100000 yuan he had saved from selling shoes in township enterprises

“we are the front shop and the back shop, and we started with seven or eight workers.” Chen L1ANGHA1 said that in the beginning, everything was done, including self-produced and self sold products, processing with supplied materials and OEM products, and doing whatever money came” After a period of time, 1 found that although 1 only earn a few yuan for each pair of shoes, the output is large, the sales are guaranteed, and the comprehensive benefit is higher than that of self-produced and self sold shoes. OEM has gradually become a popular practice in our industry. “

gradually, there are hundreds of small and medium-sized shoe factories and workshops in Jiangdu” Customers from Guangdong and Zhejiang have brought the latest styles from all over the world, and the gathering of leather and other raw material suppliers has also brought down the production cost. Jiangdu shoe’s OEM advantage is gradually emerging. “

which brands have Jiangdu shoes been pasted? Wang Kailin quoted a shoe owner as saying that almost all of the shoes in the country are OEM by Jiangdu people. Statistics from the leather chamber of Commerce show that Jiangdu OEM shoes are sold all over the country, especially in the northern and western regions

“brand creation” competition

although there are many real estate brand leather shoes in Suzhong business city, the price is generally not high. Usually you can buy a pair of leather shoes for tens of yuan. The ones with slightly higher prices are brands from Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places

“what we sell under the OEM is coolie and what we do is service, which objectively improves our shoemaking ability and design level. This is an inevitable process for us, but we can’t always stay at this level.” Chen L1ANGHA1 is a boss with ideas. He registered his own brand a few years ago. OEM and independent brand are two legs. Now, his brand has a small reputation in Jiangdu and its customer base

“at present, our own brand sales account for 67% and OEM accounts for 34%, which is very good among the counterparts in Jiangdu. This year, we will build 150 independent brand stores, mainly in county-level cities and towns, surrounded by rural areas and cities. ” Chen L1ANGHA1 has planned to acquire land to build a new factory and set up a standardized production line

“creating a brand is by no means as simple as taking a name. We should improve the brand image and quality level of Jiangdu leather shoes through new design, new materials, new functions, new technologies and other innovations, and change the low-level competition state of many small enterprises through highly specialized division of labor. The government should guide the emergence of leading enterprises by market-oriented means through financial and policy support, and encourage advantageous enterprises to participate in the formulation of industry standards and national standards. ” Professor Song Linfei suggested

there are many shoe owners like Chen L1ANGHA1 in Jiangdu. According to the latest data, last year, Jiangdu produced more than 70 million pairs of leather shoes annually, and the operating income of leather shoes, leather and accessories reached 7.5 billion yuan, a significant increase over the past few years. The city has more than 200 leather shoes trademarks, including 2 provincial famous trademarks< Professor Song Linfei, President of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, who has done research on various professional markets in the province, believes that the primary wholesale market and many production enterprises are the biggest advantages for Jiangdu to expand its leather shoes industry; 1n order to build "Eastern shoe capital", it is necessary to realize new expansion through brand

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