Jiangdujian national high quality leather shoes production demonstration zone

Jiangdu City of Jiangsu Province started to create a national high-quality leather shoes production demonstration zone in April last year, so as to explore an effective way to improve the development level of leather shoes industry and cultivate regional economic characteristics. Recently, Dong Lequn, deputy director of the law enforcement and supervision department of AQS1Q, and his party went to Jiangdu to investigate the establishment of the national high-quality leather shoes production demonstration zone, and highly affirmed its achievements. Ji Peijun, deputy secretary of Jiangdu municipal Party committee, and Ma Xiaoping, member of the Standing Committee and vice mayor of Jiangdu municipal Party committee, attended the activity

Jiangdu City has been adhering to the guidance of the government, the linkage of departments, the initiative of enterprises and the participation of the society, earnestly implementing the national standards for the establishment of high-quality product production demonstration zone, vigorously carrying out special rectification and improvement actions, focusing on standardizing the quality management of enterprises, improving the quality level of products, and achieving phased results in the construction work. Up to now, among the 84 leather shoes manufacturing enterprises in the city, there are 40 brand trademarks and quality marks above the municipal level, including 7 provincial famous brand products such as “nadelao” and “Suoqi”, 6 Yangzhou famous brand products, 1 Yangzhou quality award-winning enterprise, and 3 national inspection free products. New help nadelao, golden pride and other six shoe-making enterprises to complete the work of adopting international standards, three shoe-making enterprises through the measurement of qualified confirmation. 1n 2009, the city’s annual output of leather shoes was more than 70 million pairs, and the operating income of leather shoes, leather and accessories reached 7.5 billion yuan, accounting for more than 7% of the total industrial sales in that year

after listening to the report on the establishment and observing the production and operation of the shoe-making enterprises in Yiling Town, Dong Lequn and his party also put forward further requirements and suggestions for Jiangdu City, which can further overcome the weak links, improve the long-term mechanism and actively carry out technical training according to the requirements of the state and the province, Help enterprises to establish a practical quality management mode and quality assurance system, strengthen the quality control of leather shoes, give play to the role of the provincial leather, rubber and plastic products quality supervision and inspection center, and provide technical support for enterprise product development and quality improvement

MA Xiaoping, vice mayor of Jiangdu City, said that next, Jiangdu City will further intensify its efforts, speed up the progress, solidly promote the creation work, constantly enlarge the radiation and driving role of the demonstration zone, and make unremitting efforts to enhance the regional economic strength and drive the people to increase their income and become rich

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