Jiangsu cotton clothing price rises by 20% in two months

the price of jeans keeps rising due to the rising price of cotton(1nformation picture)

“business is becoming more and more difficult. Since the beginning of August, the purchase price has increased by more than 20%!” Yesterday afternoon, the owner of a children’s clothing store in Yuqiao market was worried. The reporter learned that this round of textile price rise is closely related to the rise of cotton price since the first half of this year. Moreover, after the national day, our province ushered in the centralized purchase of new cotton, the purchase price rose 50% – 60% year on year< 1n the past two months, the price of cotton clothing has increased by more than 20% “since the beginning of August, the price of taking goods has increased three times. The price of the same cotton sweater last year was 13.5 yuan, and this year it has increased to 15.5 yuan.” when the reporter visited Nanjing Yuqiao market yesterday, sun Hui, who is engaged in children’s clothing business, pointed to a children’s clothing named little Frank, This kind of cotton padded clothes has increased by more than 20% recently in a small shop called “qianhuaban”, boss Luo pointed to a long Khaki windbreaker and told the reporter that this kind of thicker cotton clothing has increased by about 20 yuan this year. 1n the past, it could be sold for 60 or 70 yuan, but now it needs to be sold for 90 yuan to get back, and the thinner long sleeve shirt also needs to add 10 yuan to get the goods. Another boss, Zhou Lili, said that the average purchase price of each piece of clothing has increased by 3 to 4 yuan. The goods that used to be available for 25 yuan now cost at least 28 or 29 yuan. Therefore, many of the clothes that sold for 45 yuan last year now sell for 50 yuan the price of a meter of cotton cloth has increased by four or five yuan Miss He, a buyer of a well-known bedding enterprise in Nantong, is working on the raw materials for the second half of the year recently” 1n the past five months, the price of raw materials has basically been the same for a few days, and it has been rising continuously. ” The raw materials of many textile enterprises in Nantong are from a big textile city in Haimen. “Now the price of cotton yarn has reached more than 12000 yuan per ton. Another example is a kind of cotton material we used. 1t used to be 25 yuan per meter, but now it’s more than 29 yuan. ” Miss he analyzed that the purchase price of new cotton rose again this autumn, and the second half of the year is the peak season of textile consumption, which is bound to bring the price of winter clothes and quilts to rise again [behind the price increase] the purchase price of new cotton in our province has risen by 50% or 60% the textile price has risen, and the industry has focused on the raw material cotton” Last year, 200 yuan a Dan of cotton this year suddenly rose to 600 yuan a Dan, you say this is too much? ” A textile business owner said the reporter also learned from the price monitoring center of the provincial Price Bureau yesterday that after the national day, our province ushered in the upsurge of centralized purchase of new cotton. Compared with last year, the purchase price of new cotton rose by 50% – 60%. Due to the difference between cotton purchase and crops, after the centralized purchase period of one or two months, cotton farmers have sold sporadically all the year round. 1n the past six months, cotton prices have been rising all the way according to the data passed by Nanjing Customs yesterday, in the first three quarters of this year, our Province imported US $770 million of cotton, an increase o2.3 times, and the average import price was US $1845 / T, an increase of 41.1% [expert analysis] the total cotton output of our province has not decreased the possibility of hot money speculation is not ruled out the reporter learned from the Provincial Agricultural Committee that in 2008, due to the impact of the financial crisis, textile enterprises reduced raw material procurement one after another, cotton prices fell, and cotton farmers’ enthusiasm was greatly dampened. However, due to the increase of cotton yield this year, at the same time, there is no large-scale flood disaster in the cotton producing areas of our province this year, and the climate conditions are not bad, so the total cotton yield this year will not be lower than last year” Recently, the cotton price has reached a high level, and the shortage of supply is an important reason for the cotton price increase. As the economy recovers, the demand for cotton rises, leading to tight cotton supply and higher prices. But recently, the cotton price has reached a new high in more than ten years, which is also related to the hot money pursuit Author: Shen Huishi, Xiao Lei, Qi Qingyan

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