Jiangsu Dunwang: awarded high tech enterprise certificate

in November 2017, Jiangsu Dunwang Technology Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the “high tech enterprise certificate”< 1t is reported that the recognition of high-tech enterprises is based on the relevant provisions of the administrative measures for the recognition of high-tech enterprises and the guidelines for the management of the recognition of high-tech enterprises issued by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of taxation. The recognition of high-tech enterprises includes intellectual property rights, R & D investment, R & D team building, income of high-tech products, organization and management ability The comprehensive evaluation of comprehensive ability such as growth ability is the most authoritative evaluation of enterprises in science and technology comprehensive strength in China as a representative enterprise in the field of foot protection in the labor insurance industry, Jiangsu Dunwang has won the national high level certification this time, which means that Jiangsu Dunwang has been recognized by the state in the aspects of product scientific and technological innovation, transformation of technological achievements, and possession of core independent intellectual property rights. 1n business practice, Dunwang always insists on taking scientific and technological innovation as the first driving force to lead the development, actively explores to promote the development of the industry and accelerate the progress of enterprises, and initially establishes the core competitiveness, which has laid a solid foundation for the practice of “providing safe and high-quality products and serving more workers” with the increasingly fierce market competition, marketing is facing more and more serious homogenization, not only the homogenization of products, but also the homogenization of marketing strategies and techniques. Enterprises are falling into the quagmire of price war, advertising war, terminal war and promotion war, Therefore, the pursuit of product and marketing mode differentiation has become an inevitable strategic means for enterprises to continuously obtain dynamic market competitive advantage. Dunwang will take obtaining high-tech enterprise certification as a new starting point and opportunity, adhere to the basic concept of scientific and technological innovation leading development, and fully promote differentiation based on strong scientific and technological strength, so as to provide more high-quality and qualified foot protection products for workers and make greater contribution to the sustainable development of labor insurance industry

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