Jiangsu Federation of trade unions demands that labor protection should not be “bonsai”

the labor protection work conference of Jiangsu trade union was held in Nanjing on December 12. The conference summarized and exchanged the typical experience of actively carrying out labor protection work of trade union in all parts of the province. Zhang Yan, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress and chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, attended the meeting and delivered a speech

Zhang Yan said that the party groups of the municipal and County Federation of trade unions must put the labor protection and safety production work of the trade union on an important agenda, regularly study and analyze the safety production situation of local workers, and it is an inexhaustible effort for the trade union to attract more workers to consciously participate in the labor protection work. 1t is not enough to do a few “bonsai” in the labor protection work, Only by persistently laying the foundation and patiently grasping the grass-roots level, can we grasp the initiative of work and realize the transformation from “bonsai” to “garden” and then to “forest”. At the meeting, the Provincial Federation of trade unions awarded Nanjing Chenguang Group trade union and other 100 units “advanced labor unit of Jiangsu Ankang cup competition trade union”

(Chen Jiagen)

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