Jiangsu Guojian calls for the introduction of mandatory standards for electric vehicle helmets to ensure the safety of consumers

On March 14, 2021, CCTV news released the video of CCTV uncovering helmet quality problems, which was published by CCTV & lt; Weekly quality report 1t’s on the air

Jiangsu provincial market supervision and Administration recently released the results of random inspection of helmet products in 2020, and the unqualified rate of sports helmets is 38.5%. The disqualification rate of electric vehicle helmet is 75%

Jiangsu Guojian Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was entrusted by Jiangsu market supervision and Administration Bureau to test all samples

Jiangsu Guojian Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the Bank of Taihu Lake with beautiful scenery and in the academic atmosphere of Southeast University (Wuxi Branch). 1t is adjacent to the national software park and has complete surrounding facilities. Founded in November 2015, the company is a third-party testing organization integrating inspection, learning and research. CMA qualification of Jiangsu Province and CNAs accreditation of national laboratory were obtained

Jiangsu Guojian Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong technical force and a highly skilled professional and technical team. The company covers an area of 6000 square meters, the total laboratory area of 4000 square meters, including constant temperature and humidity room of about 600 square meters. The company has invested more than 60 million yuan and has more than 300 sets of laboratory equipment, including four major laboratories of chemistry, physics, reliability and microbiology. The equipment includes bacteria filtration efficiency, tsi8130 automatic filter material tester, comprehensive protective effect tester, electrostatic tester, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, plasma emission spectrometer, liquid chromatography, glove cutting tester, etc., all of which are international and domestic advanced equipment. The detection range covers 307 product items and 1526 parameters, including body protection, respiratory protection, head protection, foot protection, health products and power tools

the quality of helmets is related to the safety of traffic participants. Correctly wearing qualified helmets can reduce the head injury rate by 85% in the event of an impact accident

Lu Bing, senior engineer of Jiangsu Guojian, said: the implementation standard of sports helmets in China has been more than 10 years, and the disqualification rate has been on the high side. Enterprises need to pay attention to product quality and strictly comply with mandatory standards in terms of consumer safety

however, the quality of electric vehicle helmets is uneven, so it is urgent for the state to issue mandatory standards for electric vehicle helmets to ensure the safety of consumers

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