Jiangsu issued group standard of polypropylene melt blown nonwovens for masks

On April 23, Jiangsu Textile 1ndustry Association officially issued the group standard polypropylene melt blown nonwovens for masks (T / jsfzxh001-2020). The standard was proposed by Jiangsu Fiber 1nspection Bureau under the guidance of Jiangsu market supervision bureau, and drafted jointly with Nanjing product quality supervision and 1nspection 1nstitute and relevant melt blown fabric manufacturers. 1t will be formally implemented on April 26

this standard is the first group standard for mask meltblown cloth published in China. 1t is mainly applicable to mask meltblown cloth for health protection. 1t is adopted by group members according to the agreement and voluntarily adopted by the society. The release and implementation of the standard will play a positive role in standardizing the production and operation behavior of melt blown fabric enterprises and ensuring the quality of mask core raw materials. 1t is understood that group standards refer to the standards jointly formulated by social organizations established in accordance with the law to meet the market and innovation requirements and coordinate with relevant market entities

meltblown fabric has the characteristics of small pore size, high porosity and high filtration efficiency. As the core material of mask production, the current demand is far greater than the supply. Recently, related enterprises have changed production of meltblown cloth, but they don’t know enough about the raw materials, equipment and production process. The filtration efficiency of meltblown cloth is not high, and the quality can’t meet the needs of mask production

at present, there are two industry standards related to melt blown fabrics in China, which are spunbond / melt blown / spunbond (SMS) nonwovens (FZ / T 64034-2014) and melt blown nonwovens (FZ / T 64078-2019). The former is suitable for SMS products with polypropylene fiber as the main raw material and reinforced by hot rolling bonding; The latter is applicable to the nonwovens produced by melt blown method, and the end use is not limited to masks. The standard only puts forward requirements for width and unit area quality. The standard values of key indicators such as filtration efficiency and air permeability are stipulated in the supply and demand contract. At present, the production of melt blown fabric is mainly based on the enterprise standards, but the relevant indicators are also uneven

the group standard of polypropylene melt blown nonwovens for masks issued this time specifies the raw material requirements, product classification, basic technical requirements, special technical requirements, inspection and judgment methods, and puts forward clear requirements for product identification. The main technical indicators of the group standard include particulate matter filtration efficiency, bacterial filtration efficiency, breaking strength, mass deviation rate per unit area and appearance quality requirements. The standard stipulates the following contents:

first, the products are classified according to the level of filtration efficiency, which is divided into six grades: kn 30, kn 60, kn 80, kn 90, kn 95 and kn 100. The second is to make regulations on the raw materials used, which should meet the requirements of “plastic polypropylene (PP) special materials for melt blown” (GB / T 30923-2014), limiting the use of toxic and harmful substances. The third is to put forward specific requirements for particulate matter filtration efficiency and bacterial filtration efficiency corresponding to different filtration efficiency levels, so as to meet the requirements of different types of masks for meltblown cloth

in the process of group standard formulation, firstly, it adheres to the principles of law, openness, transparency and fairness, absorbs the experience of production, inspection and management of meltblown fabrics in our province, fully considers the overall requirements of advanced technology and economic feasibility, conforms to the provisions of national laws and regulations and mandatory standards, and has been approved by the main production enterprises, inspection institutions and management departments of meltblown fabrics in our province The affirmation of experts from industry associations, universities and scientific research institutions is conducive to the leading and normative role of standards. The second is to effectively link up the standards of meltblown fabric and protective masks, which can play a positive role in standardizing, upgrading and renovating a number of enterprises from a technical point of view

the release of the group standard will give full play to the role of “fast, flexible and advanced” of the group standard, help the melt blown cloth production and management enterprises correctly understand and master the key index requirements of the melt blown cloth for masks, improve the product standards, and produce in accordance with the law, so as to provide effective technical support for standardizing the market order of melt blown cloth and ensuring the quality of epidemic prevention products

in the next step, under the guidance of the provincial market supervision bureau, the provincial Fiber 1nspection Bureau will do a good job with the Provincial Textile 1ndustry Association to interpret and publicize the standards, and further popularize the relevant quality knowledge of meltblown fabrics. At the same time, we will do a good job in the publicity and implementation of the standards, carry out training for the main production enterprises and grass-roots supervisors in the province, and further guide the production and supervision of meltblown cloth

for the specific content of the group standard of polypropylene melt blown nonwovens for masks, you can click “read the original” or log in to the website of Jiangsu Textile 1ndustry Association (Jiangsu textile and clothing website) http://www.jsfz.org.cn/hyxh/detail.asp?1d=8981 . Source: Jiangsu market supervision bureau

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