Jiangsu Province labor protection equipment standard

“Jiangsu Province labor protection equipment standard” compilation instructions

1. This standard is organized by Jiangsu provincial work safety administration to organize relevant experts to conduct in-depth investigation, discussion and extensive solicitation of opinions on the basis of Jiangsu Province labor protection equipment standard issued and implemented in 2001, Combined with the development trend of new materials, new technology, new structure and new style in the production process of labor protection articles in recent years, and the needs of workers to reduce labor intensity and seek comfort, the revision is made2. This standard is applicable to the basis for the distribution of labor protection articles by business units in Jiangsu Province. 1t can also be used as the basis for trade union organizations at all levels and workshop teams to protect and fight for workers’ safety, health and other rights and interests. 1t is also the basis for safety supervision departments at all levels to supervise and inspect the use of labor protection articles in production and business units< This standard refers to the notice of the former State Economic and Trade Commission of the people's Republic of China on the standard of labor protection articles (Trial 1mplementation) in 2000, and selects 116 types of work as typical types of work. Relevant types of work can be determined by referring to appendix a "comparison table of similar types of work"< 4. The comparison table of similar types of work (Appendix A) in this standard combines the new occupation issued by the Ministry of labor and social security of the people's Republic of China, and makes appropriate supplement and adjustment to the comparison table of similar types of work issued in 2001. For example, aquatic mammal trainers have been added to the typical types of aquaculture work; Network equipment debuggers have been added to typical types of computer debuggers; Among the typical jobs of locomotive drivers, 83 new jobs have been added, including electric locomotive driver, diesel locomotive driver and large line mechanical driver< 5. This standard classifies labor protection articles according to "general labor protection articles" and "special labor protection articles" for the first time. 1t not only reflects the major measures of the State Administration of work safety to implement safety sign management on special labor protection articles, but also reflects the concept of Jiangsu Province to implement classified guidance on labor protection articles< On the one hand, it is based on the national standard gb11651-1989 "rules for the selection of labor protection articles", on the other hand, it is based on the actual situation of Jiangsu Province's economic development, and at the same time, it refers to the labor protection articles allocation standards of neighboring provinces (cities) with similar economic development level. Jiangsu Province is one of the provinces with rapid economic development and strong economic foundation. 1t has the ability to take the lead in entering a well-off society. Therefore, appropriately shortening the service life of labor protection articles can provide greater protection for the safety and health of workers< 7. The determination of the distribution varieties and service life of labor protection articles in this standard is the minimum index, and each production and business operation unit can determine the distribution varieties and service life that can be higher than this standard according to the specific types of work, labor environment and conditions of employees. All personnel who enjoy the labor protection articles according to the regulations shall establish the distribution card of personal labor protection articles (Appendix B) and distribute it in full. However, for the damage of labor protection articles caused by some special workplaces or special events, the protective articles should not be limited by the service life and should be replaced in time< 8. "N" in this standard refers to the service life, which can be determined by the enterprise according to the actual situation< 9. Due to the adjustment of industrial structure and the improvement of employees' quality and skills, the demand for multi-functional protection of labor protection articles is increasing day by day. But at present, the definition and description of these product names have not been standardized, and the method of juxtaposing by product name is adopted in this standard. 1t can be selected and purchased according to the requirements of multi-function combination. The service life of multi-functional combination of labor protection articles is generally determined according to the service life of the lowest functional product< 10. Construction, bridges, ships, industrial installations and other places at height must be equipped with safety nets and other collective protective equipment to provide safe and reliable working conditions for workers< 11. Those who are engaged in safety management, production scheduling and foreign visitors must wear corresponding labor protection articles when entering the production site< 12. 1n accordance with the provisions of Article 83, paragraph 7, Chapter 6 of the work safety law, those who fail to provide the employees with labor protection articles that meet the national or industrial standards shall be ordered by the work safety supervision and administration department to make corrections within a time limit. 1f they fail to make corrections within the time limit, they shall be ordered to stop construction or stop production and business for rectification, and may also be fined less than 50000 yuan, 1f serious consequences are caused and a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law< 13. This standard is interpreted by Jiangsu Administration of work safety< 14. This standard will be implemented from January 20, 2007 Jiangsu Administration of work safety November 20, 2007 Jiangsu labor protection equipment standard Click to download the document if the document cannot be opened, it is recommended to use this software to open the document

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