Jiangsu women’s products sampling results showed that pregnant women’s protective clothing had the biggest problem

70% of pregnant women’s protective clothing are not qualified, can you take care of your baby safely? Yesterday, the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce announced the results of random inspection of three kinds of female products, including sanitary napkins, brassieres and protective clothing for pregnant women. The results showed that the problem of protective clothing for pregnant women was the biggest, and the qualified rate of sanitary napkins reached 96%

maternity protective clothing is unqualified

multiple cause description and fiber content

Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce conducted quality sampling inspection on maternity electromagnetic radiation protective clothing in circulation fields of Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Taizhou, Suqian, Huai’an and Yancheng. A total of 86 batches were inspected, and 21 batches were qualified, with a qualified rate of 24.4%. The unqualified items mainly focused on the use instructions and fiber content, while the pH value, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes and formaldehyde were all qualified

fiber composition and content is one of the important contents of clothing quality, and it is also an important embodiment of the value of anti electromagnetic radiation clothing for pregnant women. As far as functional fabrics are concerned, such as woven anti electromagnetic radiation clothing for pregnant women made of metal fiber, there is a phenomenon of poor shielding effectiveness in some low frequency bands. 1n the inspection, some fiber components are marked with silver fiber, and even directly marked with 100% silver

according to experts, among the anti electromagnetic radiation clothing for pregnant women, the shielding effectiveness of metal coated fiber fabric is better, but its maintainability is poor. The technology of metal fiber fabric is relatively mature, and its washing resistance and maintainability are better than that of metal coated fiber fabric. The priority for those who need frequent washing is to choose metal fiber anti electromagnetic radiation clothing

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