Jiaxiang gloves are listed in the typical launching ceremony of the year of industrial cluster upgrading in the whole province

Recently, the launching ceremony of Shandong 1ndustrial Cluster Upgrading year and the 1ntelligent Manufacturing Forum were held in Tengzhou. Jiaxiang small and Medium Enterprises Bureau and Jiaxiang street were invited to participate as representatives of the province’s characteristic industrial clusters and characteristic industrial towns

Tian Chuan, deputy director of the Bureau of small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Wang Zhaochun, director of the Bureau of small and medium-sized enterprises of Shandong Province, delivered speeches at the meeting, explaining and guiding the upcoming year of industrial cluster upgrading from the aspects of correctly grasping the significance of the year’s activities, clarifying the ways and paths of upgrading, and earnestly implementing various tasks. Jiaxiang street has made a typical promotion of intelligent manufacturing leading the upgrading of Jiaxiang glove industrial cluster

in order to promote the year of industrial cluster upgrading, this year, the Bureau of small and medium sized enterprises of Shandong Province, together with the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, the Publicity Department of the provincial Party committee and other departments, jointly carried out the regional brand promotion action, the intelligent cluster cultivation action, the design innovation action, the high-end talent training action, the industrial cluster upgrading cooperative service action, the industrial cluster promotion action Six promotion activities, such as the tour of characteristic industrial towns, are carried out to build a smart cluster ecosystem, cultivate a number of innovation and upgrading demonstration clusters, and promote the full implementation of the 13th five year plan for industrial clusters in the whole province. Jiaxiang Bureau of small and medium enterprises is working out the development plan of glove industry, promoting the online construction of industrial clusters, speeding up the pace of cultivation, rolling up the sleeves to work hard, and taking advantage of this year’s industrial cluster upgrading to achieve a new leap

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