Jiaxing labor protection articles special law enforcement action successfully ended

from August 1 to September 10, the city’s special law enforcement action on labor protection articles organized by Jiaxing administration of work safety ended smoothly. According to statistics, 622 production and business units were inspected, including 179 dangerous chemical enterprises, 21 metallurgical enterprises, 155 textile enterprises, 33 building materials enterprises, 32 furniture enterprises, 49 hardware machinery enterprises and 153 other enterprises; 565 on-site inspection records were issued; 93 rectification instructions within a time limit; There are 195 enterprises that do not comply with the regulations, including 6 enterprises that do not distribute labor protection articles, 51 enterprises that do not distribute labor protection articles according to the regulations, 22 enterprises that do not have safety signs of special labor protection articles, 1 enterprise that distributes unqualified labor protection articles, and 115 enterprises that do not use them correctly; Two companies were investigated and fined 20000 yuan

judging from the special inspection, most production and business units have established the purchase, distribution and use system of labor protection articles in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and standards, set up special funds, have purchase and distribution records, and timely replace the expired and scrapped labor protection articles. Most employees can correctly use and wear labor protection articles according to regulations and requirements, and can basically master the performance and function of labor protection articles. At the same time, it is also found that the account information of a few enterprises is incomplete, the special labor protection articles without safety signs are purchased and used, and the labor protection articles that a few employees do not wear or do not wear correctly are distributed

in order to further strengthen and standardize the supervision and management of labor protection articles, ensure the health and safety of employees, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, the safety supervision system of the whole city will continue to carry out the publicity of labor protection articles in the next stage, thoroughly implement the regulations on the supervision and management of labor protection articles, promote enterprises to implement the main responsibility, and increase the investment in labor protection articles, To equip the workers with labor protection articles in line with the national standards, and strive to reduce the occurrence of production safety accidents(Provided by municipal administration of work safety)

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