Jihua Liaoyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. achieved a sales profit of 10 million yuan for safety helmet products in 2015

in 2015, Jihua Liaoyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. faced with the severe market economic situation, such as the sharp drop of international crude oil, the slowdown of economic growth, the vigorous compression of new projects, the shutdown of some equipment manufacturing enterprises, the reduction of the operating rate of oil and gas drilling enterprises, and the sharp drop of the demand for safety helmets, etc., with the policy support of Jilin Petrochemical Company, strengthened measures, The company has made great efforts to expand the market of safety helmets, sold 404000 safety helmets in the whole year, and achieved a sales profit of 11.14 million yuan

in order to achieve the annual sales target of 400000 safety helmets, the factory has organized several special meetings on safety helmets sales, studied the key sales measures and market development direction, and made every effort to do a good job in safety helmets sales. Take effective measures to strengthen the collection and feedback of market information, market-oriented and customer-focused. At the same time, the sales indicators are broken down and implemented. Everyone has indicators on his shoulders, and carries out weekly scheduling and monthly summary. The sales results are remarkable

adopt the sales strategy of “never let go of the big and never give up the small”. Combined with the sales characteristics of safety helmet products, we should find out the key points of work, actively deal with the difficulties of work, work with direction, goal and accurate positioning, and focus on the sales volume. By means of network inquiry, telephone communication, mailing samples, instructions and CD-ROM materials, we can expand our network of contacts, and go out to the market on holidays. As long as we find new construction sites in the city, we can get in touch through various means, show them the hat samples prepared in advance, and patiently explain to them the characteristics and cost performance of the company’s safety helmet, Win the interest and attention of customers

strengthen basic work and improve management level. Using the basic sales data to analyze the market demand, through the continuous improvement of the annual sales data, the platform template for the analysis and prediction of user demand quantity and purchase time is created to accurately predict and judge each user’s demand quantity and replace the purchase time information, which makes the work forward-looking and reliable. 1nform the user to sign the contract through the forecast information, make the preparation for the sales, and organize the factory to arrange the production in time. Optimize the business process, shorten the return time of arrival acceptance form, provide guarantee for timely settlement, track and effectively monitor the whole process of goods transportation and arrival acceptance, and lay the foundation for settlement

continuously extend market development to achieve incremental sales. During the market development work, the plant firmly grasped the internal market of CNPC and developed more than 30 domestic enterprises of CNPC throughout the year. 1n terms of actively developing the external market, we should adopt the way of “going out and looking for the market”, divide the external market into steel, construction, mining, petrochemical, electric power and other categories, and develop more than 20 new households one by one. At the same time, the local market has been fully developed, and the sales share of the “Eagle ball” helmet has reached more than 85% in Liaoyuan area

enhance service awareness and pay attention to emotional marketing. Service is a kind of sublimation of brand concept, service needs to be implemented in real action. The factory has won customers’ satisfaction with its high standard service, actively increased after-sales service for old customers, enhanced communication and exchange through various means, and established a deep friendship. For some users who are about to use the safety helmet, they can make a warm prompt one month in advance by calling, texting or face-to-face communication, so that they can renew the product. They adhere to the service market-oriented, to maximize efficiency as the goal, from the details, to high standards and high quality service users, to win the market with emotion, to do a good job in user service. Through continuous efforts, we have fully achieved the sales target of safety helmets. At present, the market share of safety helmets in China is maintained at a high level of more than 80%

in 2016, the factory will continue to do a good job in the sales of safety helmets. Strive for a new level of hard hat sales performance

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