Jilin youth died of falling rope breaking

Recently, a man in Jilin city was playing downhill on the lanbridle bridge in Beishan park. Witnesses said that the rope broke, he fell to the ground, after rescue invalid death

the reporter rushed to the bottom of lanliang bridge, and there was a brief introduction board nearby, which said that the height of the bridge was 15.7 meters. Witnesses said the man had been sent to the third people’s Hospital of Jilin City for rescue, and the police had just come and brought the broken rope back for investigation

according to the eyewitness Mr. Shao, when he was clearing snow nearby, he saw a man and a girl come to the bridle bridge, “the man tied the rope to the west of the middle of the bridge guardrail, and tied the other end to his body, as if he was still wearing a safety belt. He went over the guardrail and hung in the air. Suddenly, the rope broke and fell heavily

Mr. Shao said that he ran up to him and saw the man lying on his side. There is a green rope on the ground, about the thickness of little finger. Emergency personnel came to carry the man down the mountain to the hospital. 1t is understood that the man, surnamed Zhang, is 24 years old

“1 was holding my camera up to the man in the downhill when 1 suddenly found that the man in the camera was gone. Then 1 saw that the man fell to the ground.” Mr. Yan, a citizen of Jiangcheng, witnessed the whole process

“he was with a girl in yellow when he crossed the bridge guardrail and said ‘ready’ and began to descend.” Mr. Yan said that when he saw the downhill movement for the first time, he was very curious, so he turned the camera into continuous shooting mode and aimed at this guy

after the man fell down, Mr. Yan immediately ran to him. He saw that the man was carrying an outdoor bag, with a white safety belt and only one downhill rope

“the girl in yellow immediately ran down and called. Someone nearby helped him take off his backpack and called the police.” Mr. Yan said the man’s injury was very serious

at about 15 o’clock yesterday, the reporter rushed to the hospital and learned that the man died after ineffective rescue. At present, the police have stepped in. The specific cause of death of the man needs to be further identified

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