Jinan: high school girl invents fall proof safety window

On the 1st, “half a month later, another child accidentally fell from a building” reported that a girl in Zhangqiu fell from the third floor, and was still in danger at the time of the reporter’s writing. 1n view of the phenomenon that children often fall from buildings, a senior one student of Licheng No.2 Middle School has invented the fall prevention safety window, and is applying for a patent. He hopes that it can be applied in the future to reduce the occurrence of the tragedy of falling from buildings

“this invention is designed for children’s accidental fall.” On the afternoon of January 1, Yuan Mei, a student of class 1 and 2 of Licheng No.2 Middle School, introduced the design drawing. The reporter saw that the schematic diagram on the drawing is divided into two parts. One part is the normal window, which is no different from the ordinary window. The life-saving load-bearing device is closed; The other part is the window in the rescue state. The life-saving load-bearing device is unfolded, and a cuboid space is extended in the original window to carry the falling children

according to Yuan Mei, the anti falling safety window is to install a microwave wall detector above the ordinary window to detect whether there are objects sticking out of the window. When an object is detected, the switch device will be triggered. The switch controls the load-bearing rod installed on the building wall below the window and the protective net installed on the load-bearing rod

“when the human body blocks the path of the radar, the load-bearing rod and the protective net will pop up and extend at the same time, carrying the objects falling out of the window, including children, to prevent accidents.” Yuan Mei said that once the safe space outside the window is opened, the alarm will sound to remind people to rescue

“this is actually my winter vacation assignment.” Yuan Mei said that she had seen children fall from buildings in the news many times, and she wanted to invent a safety window that could prevent children from falling

to install a microwave wall detector on the top of the window, Yuan Mei said that she learned from the principle of sensitive door. With the help of Gao Yuefeng, who is engaged in science and technology innovation education, she designs drawings and tries to make physical models” We are currently applying for a patent. “

GAO Yuefeng said that in addition to preventing falling, the invention can also provide a temporary refuge for indoor personnel in case of fire and other accidents. 1t is reported that Yuan Mei won the first prize of Jinan Youth Science and technology innovation competition with anti falling safety window, and will participate in the provincial competition in April

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