Jinan: how bitter is the construction under high temperature? The back of gloves will be scorched and dried

after the rain, the spring city ushered in sultry and hot weather again. The body temperature under the hot sun was above 40 ℃. What’s the taste of construction in such a hot environment? At a construction site in the north section of Shunhe viaduct, Master Zhang, 45, is staring at the construction in the hot sun. His work seems very simple. He just transports the steel bars stored in the sun one by one to the processing workshop 5 meters away, but he bears unimaginable hardships. The weight of each steel bar is about 50 Jin, and the total weight transported every day is more than 2 tons; Under the sun, the surface temperature of the steel bar was close to 70 ℃. 1n order to prevent scalding hands, Master Zhang put on gloves, but the protective rubber layer on the surface of the gloves was still scorched, and the gloves were worn out holes after a long time; 1n order to cool off, Master Zhang went to battle naked. Under the scorching sun, his face and upper body were tanned, his back was full of sweat, and in some places his skin was burned. Photo by reporter Wang Feng

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