Jinan Metro Line 3 runs through the whole process, with blood type and two-dimensional code on the safety helmet

For subway construction, safety is the premise and foundation of all work. 1n the construction of Jinan Metro Lin3, from the safety planning before the construction, to the safety construction in the construction, and then to the guarantee work in the later stage, every work and detail is implemented with “safety” as the criterion

there are blood type and two-dimensional code on the safety helmet

you can work only after 50 hours of safety training

recently, the reporter came to the third project management center of Jinan rail transit group. The reporter saw that the safety helmet worn by the on-site staff is different from the common safety helmet, and each hat is printed with the words of name and blood type. 1n this regard, the on-site staff told reporters that the safety helmet equipped by the group printed the name and blood type on the basis of the conventional safety helmet. On the one hand, it is to quickly know the information and blood type of the wounded in case of an accident, so as to facilitate blood transfusion. On the other hand, it plays the role of safety warning, so that we always remember the safety concept” For example, the 68 employees of our third project management center are each equipped with two helmets, and not only the project management center, but also the workers on the construction site are equipped with similar helmets. They are printed with two-dimensional codes, so their personal information is more comprehensive. ” The staff said

then the reporter came to the construction site of the west station of the Olympic Sports Center. The safety helmets worn by the workers on the site were printed with two-dimensional code and personal photos. The reporter randomly scanned and saw that the personal information of construction workers, including name, entry time, type of work, whether they have received safety education, etc., were all presented

Zhang Jinbin, safety director of China Railway 14th Bureau of civil construction bid 11, said that the QR code is to input the personal information and safety education information of workers, so as to ensure that every worker entering the site must receive safety education at the company level, project department level and team level” At present, there are about 380 construction personnel entering the site, and each of them will receive 50 hours of safety education. Without safety training, they are not allowed to enter the site for construction. “

Ding Guoming, head of the safety and Quality Department of the third project management center of Jinan rail transit group, told reporters that during the whole construction process of Jinan Metro Lin3, the safety concept has penetrated into all aspects of the construction, from the professional safety training of construction personnel, whether the quality of machinery meets the requirements of construction, whether the construction materials have passed the test, and then to the construction technology, The five aspects of environmental protection should be strictly controlled. Moreover, in the early stage of construction planning, it is necessary to summarize the list of risk sources, list the potential safety hazards that may occur in the construction process from the source, and put forward solutions, so as to eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents in construction< According to Ding Guoming, the concept of safety is not only emphasized during construction, but also well prepared for the safety sector in the early planning stage of line 3 “in the feasibility study stage of the preliminary project, the relevant staff will conduct research and evaluation on the safety content of the surrounding environment along the route according to the planned route, and form the list of risk sources for the foreseeable risks along the route.” Ding Guoming said that in the later stage of the preliminary design of Metro Lin3, it will gradually improve the list of risk sources, gradually refine and classify the predicted risks, and put forward solutions to the risks Ding Guoming said that the list of risk sources will be improved for many times, and the construction unit will also formulate the corresponding risk list after entering the site. After entering the site, the construction unit will continue to carry out field investigation, use professional equipment to investigate the pipeline under the planning line, surrounding hydrology, geology and buildings again, carry out gap repair, supplement the previous list of risk sources, and form a specific solution” 1n bidding for construction units, enterprises with certain safety management and rich construction experience must be selected. ” Ding Guoming stressed< 1t is understood that in order to better practice the concept of safe subway, improve the emergency rescue ability of Engineering emergencies, and handle emergencies scientifically, efficiently and quickly, Jinan rail transit group relies on the participating units, Two emergency rescue centers were set up in wangfuzhuang area and Jinan east railway station area, equipped with common emergency rescue materials and equipment and emergency rescue personnel “in the past, every construction site had an emergency rescue department, but the scale was small. Now, two rescue centers have been set up specially.” Ding Guoming said that by establishing and improving the emergency material management system and the emergency material reserve, allocation and emergency distribution system, and improving the emergency work procedures, we can ensure that the emergency materials can solve the dangerous situation at the critical moment in addition, safety drill is also a compulsory course in construction. Zhang Jinbin told reporters that every year, they carry out many safety drills, including high-altitude falling, collapse, crush injury, water danger and other drills” At present, Jinan is about to enter the flood season, and we are also preparing for flood control exercises. ” Zhang Jinbin said

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