Jinan woman’s first day of work scaffolding fell down causing cerebral hemorrhage, the boss did not issue safety helmet

Wireless Jinan, October 28 – Mr. Wu reported that his mother worked at a construction site near Century Avenue and had an accident on her first day at work, according to the city new women’s daily, a city channel of Jinan TV station

Ms. Liu, 48 years old, lying on the bed, has just finished craniotomy due to cerebral hemorrhage. What’s more chilling to Ms. Liu’s family is that it’s been three days since the accident, and the contractor hasn’t appeared

Mr. Zhu, a co-worker, said that after finding Ms. Liu injured, he immediately called Qin, the Contractor’s head. But the contractor didn’t deal with it. He drove Ms. Liu to Zhangqiu hospital. The hospital said no, and then transferred to the provincial hospital

Ms. Liu’s son said that he has spent more than 70000 now, and he has no money, so he can’t find a contractor. Ms. Liu’s workers said that they didn’t wear safety helmets when they were working. 1t’s not that they don’t want to bring it, it’s because the boss didn’t give it

later, Ms. Liu’s son called Qin again. But unfortunately, the phone is still not connected. So he decided to go to the construction site where his mother worked

Mr. Zhu, a worker of Ms. Liu, said that he had never seen Mr. Qin again since Ms. Liu’s accident. So how to solve the problem

Ms. Xu, a middleman who introduced her work, said that she had been contacted at that time and wanted to work on the construction site, but it was not Ms. Liu who contacted her, but Mr. Zhu, a co-worker

How did Ms. Liu come to work on the construction site? Mr. Zhu said that at that time, Ms. Liu called herself to ask if she had any work. When she heard that she had work here, she came

later, the reporter consulted legal worker Tian Hongzhu about this matter. He said that if the Subcontractor is qualified, it means the responsibility of the subcontractor. 1f the Subcontractor is not qualified, it means the responsibility of the subcontractor and the builder. Generally, the intermediary has no responsibility

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