Jincheng presents love

At 9:30 in the morning, the activity officially began” Gently press the metal strip of the mask with the index finger to make the mask fully fit the face. ” A volunteer put on 3M professional dust masks for sanitation workers on site, and introduced the wearing methods to them in detail. The reporter learned that, compared with the general masks on the market, 3M professional dust mask has a much better dust barrier effect

“this dust mask is too practical. 1n the past, when we went home, we often had a nostril full of dust. Now we put on a professional dust mask to solve our worries.” Liu bantie, a sanitation worker, said happily

the person in charge of Jincheng Group of “Da Ai Qing Chen” said that pneumoconiosis has become one of the most serious occupational diseases in China. Environmental sanitation workers have been in the dust environment for a long time, so it is very necessary to wear masks and other protective equipment. 1t is hoped that this activity can arouse the support and attention of the whole society to pneumoconiosis patients with worse working environment

“Da Ai Qing Chen” is the first and only public welfare organization in China to specially treat pneumoconiosis patients, which originated from the “Da Ai Qing Chen – seeking and saving Chinese pneumoconiosis farmer brothers” campaign jointly launched by famous reporter Wang Keqin and China Social Relief Foundation on June 15, 2011. DAA1 Qingchen Jincheng Group has just been established recently, and now has 15 volunteers

the reporter learned that those pneumoconiosis patients who have no labor contract, no occupational disease identification certificate, and have not yet obtained the national occupational disease medical insurance and subsidies in rural areas of Shanxi Province and whose families are in difficulties can call 0351-2834460 to apply for the assistance of “Da Ai Qing Chen” fund

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