Jinjiang shoe enterprises don’t worry about orders or exchange rate

on the afternoon of the 19th, the European and American purchasing group Jinjiang enterprise fair was successfully held. More than 30 buyers from Europe, America and Southeast Asia had face-to-face talks with 160 shoe and clothing suppliers. According to Cai Huibin, director of Jinjiang Service Development Department of China international e-commerce center Fujian representative office, many enterprises have received proofing demands from purchasers after the docking meeting. On the other hand, more than 30 purchasers at the meeting had a clear intention to purchase leisure shoes, sports shoes, functional shoes and other categories, which had Jinjiang characteristics. According to incomplete statistics, as of yesterday, more than 20 purchasers had cooperation intention. At present, they are gradually entering the docking enterprise field understanding and in-depth negotiation stage, and the cooperation intention is relatively strong

outdoor shoes and leisure shoes are the most popular

Jinjiang Taijia shoes material Trade Co., Ltd. has been participating in the shoes Expo held by Jinjiang Municipal Government for the second time, and foreign businessmen and Jinjiang enterprises docking conference. On the same day, Wu Jiaofeng, the business manager of Taijia company, who came to participate in the negotiation, told the reporter that the company’s shoes on display this time are the leisure shoes series most favored by customers” At present, some businessmen from the United States, Britain and France have expressed their interest in cooperating with my leisure shoes series, and there will be more in-depth negotiations in the future. ” 1n addition, German businessmen are more interested in cooperation, Wu Jiaofeng said in an interview. However, German businessmen seem to be more interested in the types of sports safety shoes

in this regard, Xu Shulong, vice president of Hualong sporting goods Co., Ltd., who also participated in the negotiation on that day, also said that in recent years, outdoor leisure shoes seem to be more popular with customers. Among them, mountaineering shoes, rock climbing shoes and other special styles are most popular with these European and American merchants. On the same day, we discussed with several American merchants, and basically all those who need proofing are of this kind” 1n fact, casual shoes are the strong point of Jinjiang shoe industry, but these special shoes, such as the climbing shoes and rock climbing shoes mentioned just now, are all special styles. Although the profit margin will be slightly larger, the production volume is not particularly large, and the process requirements are higher, so maybe not many manufacturers dare to accept them. ” Xu Shulong told reporters, however, Hualong has many years of production experience in this area, product quality and delivery time are not problems

in addition, Mr. Mao Haisi, a British businessman who is engaged in the sales of school uniforms and supporting products, also shows his preference for Jinjiang leisure shoes and clothing industry. Mao Haisi said that he had heard about the production capacity of Jinjiang’s leisure shoes and clothing industry for a long time. He felt that he had gained a lot from participating in the fair. Several Jinjiang leisure shoes and clothing enterprises have interested him. The quality and design of these enterprises’ leisure shoes and clothing samples are good. Next, he will have in-depth exchanges with these enterprises, hoping for further cooperation

and the buyer from Mexico said that he put the first stop of his purchase in China in Jinjiang, and told reporters that he had heard about the active shoe industry in Jinjiang for a long time. This time, he came to the docking meeting to find some enterprises that make functional sports shoes for cooperation” The most important thing is that the product quality should be high-end. Through docking, 1 found that Jinjiang really deserves its reputation, and 1 am very satisfied with several of them. “


exchange rate and price are the key

the reporter learned that many suppliers who attended the meeting on the same day expressed their harvest, while they were happy, they also had their own concerns

on that day, he Wenhui, the general manager of Quanxing Shoe Plastic Co., Ltd., just put the samples on the table and got the proofing demand from the buyers. At the same time, he Wenhui also considered various risks and prepared for the next in-depth exchange

“at present, the foreign trade market is not very stable, but since this month, my order is still good, until June. However, due to the stability of the workers, this year the enterprise has renewed its equipment and improved its production efficiency. Now it seems that the orders are not saturated enough. ” He Wenhui said in an interview, “we are so busy that we have to work overtime at noon. After attending the fair, orders will certainly increase now. Several merchants have expressed their intention to cooperate. But we should also consider the exchange rate. 1n the current economic situation, foreign trade is not as simple as it used to be, and the risk is relatively high. 1f only we could use the RMB settlement method. ” He Wenhui told reporters that now we can only try to find a suitable Hong Kong intermediary company for cooperation, so that RMB settlement can be adopted

Wu Jiaofeng also expressed her worry about this, but now she can only lock in the exchange rate according to her expected time to reduce the risk” For example, the current exchange rate between us dollar and RMB is about 1:6.4, so the possibility of an enterprise to negotiate and sign a contract with the expected exchange rate at the time of delivery is 1:6.3, which is also a way of risk control. ” Wu Jiaofeng told reporters that there was obviously a price problem in the negotiation with American merchants. Although the quotation was higher than that of last year, it was still difficult to hedge the cost increase this year. American merchants could not accept the price increase” There will be a difference of about US $1. The price fluctuation is really big. There is no way Wu Jiaofeng said that fortunately, customers from Britain, France and Germany still have room for negotiation on their shoes and prices, and she is full of confidence in Wu Jiaofeng for further negotiations< Different from that, Xu Shulong showed a calm attitude towards exchange rate risk. Xu Shulong said that despite the multiple pressures of rising labor costs, raw material costs and exchange rate fluctuations, many enterprises are trying to prevent risks by raising prices, accepting short orders and shortening delivery time. Xu Shulong believes that as long as enterprises make good use of the government's various support policies, on the basis of tax rebate, there is still a breakthrough for enterprises to solve their problems. Moreover, in the process of negotiation, there is also a time limit for exchange rate locking, and enterprises should learn to use this time to control their own risks. On the issue of bargaining power, Xu Shulong also thinks that the current price increase for foreign merchants is an overall situation. Since foreign merchants have set purchasing goals, the price increase of 1-2 yuan can not change their purchasing behavior" Price increase is a national issue. 1t's not a single or two enterprises that are raising prices. We all have to fight for this cost. No enterprise is willing to do business at a loss and take the loss order. So, don't worry too much. " Xu Shulong told reporters frankly in an interview with reporters, British businessman Mao Haisi said: “we fully understand the current market situation in China. We also understand the rise of raw materials and labor costs. Price will not be the only factor we consider purchasing.” 1n the face of the increasingly fierce “price war” in the current market, Mao Haisi, who went to Jinjiang for the first time to participate in the “shoes Expo” and docking fair, told reporters that he would not blindly pursue cheap prices, but more valued the cost performance of products, hoping to find suitable suppliers through this negotiation

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