Jinjiang shoe machine “panning for gold” in Southeast Asia

Jinjiang shoe making machine has become the focus of the shoe Expo(1nformation picture) our reporter Dong Yanjun / photo

Wu Jianjun, the boss of Hong’an (Fujian) Machinery Co., Ltd., has been paying close attention to the situation in Vietnam, 1ndia and other places recently. On the premise that the local market share has been stable, Wu Jianjun began to consider expanding the market center outward, while Vietnam, 1ndia and other places became the first choice for Hong’an machinery to expand the market

as one of the three major shoe machine production bases, Fujian’s products of some shoe machine enterprises have basically covered all aspects of shoe-making process, and fully have the output capacity of the whole factory. The technical content and grade of the products are close to or even exceed the level of Taiwan’s shoe machine. Fujian has its own characteristics in product technical level, production management and market sales. Some products have been exported to Europe Southeast Asia, etc. As the main production area of Fujian footwear machinery, Jinjiang footwear machinery has become the main force of Fujian footwear machinery in the international market. Local shoe machinery enterprises, including Manyu shoe machinery and Hongan machinery, have set their eyes on Southeast Asia

the local market capacity is stable

as a complete set of Jinjiang shoe industry, shoe-making machinery originally came from Taiwan. Now many shoe-making machinery manufacturing enterprises in Jinjiang used to be agents of shoe-making machinery enterprises in Taiwan. Through sales, assembly, maintenance and service, they finally mastered the core technology and formed their own development ability, Turn it into your own product. 1n this process, Jinjiang also produced a large number of excellent shoemaking machinery enterprises. 1n the development process of more than 10 years, Jinjiang’s shoemaking machine has basically been able to form an effective supporting supply for the shoemaking industry. However, it is also because of the excessive dependence on the local shoe industry that the local shoe machine industry lacks sufficient innovation ability, and the homogenization phenomenon is very serious. The total market volume of Jinjiang’s shoe machine industry has been stagnant, which has also become the confusion of many Jinjiang shoe machine enterprises

“in the eyes of outsiders, Jinjiang shoe industry has a great demand for shoe machines. This sentence itself is not wrong, but no matter how big the market demand is, it can not stand the common toss of many enterprises. Over the years, the demand of Jinjiang shoe industry for shoe machines has reached a relatively stable level. 1f there is no big accident, the local shoe machine market basically maintains a relatively low level of growth every year. ” Wu Jianjun told reporters that in his view, as with the development of downstream shoe material factories and finished shoe factories, the demand for products in the local shoe machine market has tended to be stable, and it will be difficult to see explosive development in a short time

the local market tends to be stable only on one hand. For Jinjiang shoe machine, there is a short board to survive in the local market: R & D” For a long time, the shoes machine made in Jinjiang is only modified on the basis of Taiwan’s shoes machine, so it is difficult for any enterprise to get a completely independent design and R & D machine. When the whole market demand is strong, this short board will not appear, but when the market demand tends to be stable, we can clearly see the shortcomings of Jinjiang shoe machine. At present, the demand for shoe machines in Jinjiang shoe machine market is mainly concentrated in high-end shoe machines, which is difficult for local shoe machine enterprises to meet. This leads to the situation that although the market space is still there, the local shoe machine can not enjoy it. ” An unnamed shoe machine business owner told reporters

Zhang Jiameng, general manager of Fujian xiclimbing sporting goods Co., Ltd., also held the same view when talking about this issue” 1f the enterprise is in a period of steady development, no one will buy machines on a large scale. After all, the purchase of machinery and equipment is a long-term investment, and different from other investments, machinery will only depreciate after it is bought, but will not appreciate. When the purchased machinery is sold again, even scrap iron is inferior. This is also one of the issues considered by many downstream manufacturers. ” Zhang Jiameng said< However, the development space of the local market is limited, and the foreign "forces" have increased their scramble for Jinjiang market. Under the internal and external troubles, many Jinjiang shoe machines began to gradually expand the market space. 1n the pace of Jinjiang shoe machine development, the market represented by 1ndia and Vietnam has become their first target “1ndia has a huge market space. 1n the past, these markets mainly exported rubber and imported shoe materials. Now these regions have begun to import shoe machines and produce shoe materials independently. At the same time, there is no mature shoe machine enterprise in the local area, so it can only be imported from other production areas. For us, it means opportunity. After all, compared with Taiwan shoes machine, Jinjiang shoes machine is more cost-effective. ” Wu Jianjun said that since last year, Hong’an machinery has increased its investment in this market. Now, within Hong’an machinery, the proportion of export sales is close to 30%, and the 1ndian market accounts for 10% of the overall market sales of Hong’an machinery” 1n the future, the proportion will be even higher. ” Wu Jianjun said and Manyu, another leading local enterprise, regards the export market as the basis for its survival” At present, the proportion of the volume of the local market in the well-known sales is very low. Our market is mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia, America and other places. Among them, Southeast Asian market, especially Vietnam market, is the most important. Although Vietnam is only a developing country, many shoe factories in this region are processing for Nike and Adidas, so the requirements for machinery and equipment are very high. Our products just meet their needs. ” Ding Yufeng, general manager of Manyu group, said although he is optimistic about the prospects of the development of local shoe machines, Wu Jianjun is also worried about various problems, and among his worries, the exchange rate problem is more prominent” We received an order from Vietnam last year. Since the order was received at the end of the lunar calendar at that time, the delivery was delayed until after the Chinese New Year. As a result, in that period of time, due to the severe fluctuation of exchange rate, when we finally delivered the goods, we could hardly make any money. ” For such an experience, Wu Jianjun is also very helpless (news link) the order volume of Jinjiang shoe machine “broke out” in the first half of the year several local shoe machine factories in Jinjiang have shown good development momentum this year. For Jinjiang shoes machine, the first half of 2010 is undoubtedly a relatively relaxed half year for them in recent years “from the data 1 get here, Jinjiang shoe machine enterprises have generally performed very well this year, and the order volume of many enterprises has exceeded the level of the same period in 2007.” Ding Yufeng, general manager of Manyu group, told reporters. 1n addition to the position of general manager of Manyu group, Ding Yufeng has another identity: Secretary General of Fujian Shoe Machinery Association. Ding Yufeng knows the development of local shoe machines like the back of his hand the words of Wu Jianjun, the boss of Hongan Machinery Co., Ltd. also verified Ding Yufeng’s point of view” By May this year, the order volume of our company has exceeded that of last year. ” Wu Jianjun told reporters happily in 2010, many large-scale shoe material factories and shoe factories in China have further expanded their production lines. Correspondingly, the demand of these enterprises for various shoe machines has gradually increased; At the same time, the sports shoe industry in inland areas such as Hebei, Henan, Jiangxi and Hunan is gradually rising. Different from the counterparts in Jinjiang who prefer Taiwan machines, the sports shoe manufacturers in these areas prefer to use “Jinjiang made” shoes machines with higher cost performance; During the global financial crisis, shoe machine manufacturers have consciously reduced inventory. Now the inventory has been exhausted, and the market has a good trend. Many shoe machine manufacturers began to reserve inventory as before the financial crisis = financial essays after the “market” expansion for Jinjiang shoe machine, the market expansion is quite helpless. 1n their eyes, if they can, they still want to put their share in the local market represented by Jinjiang and Putian< However, an indisputable fact forces them to go on such a hard journey: the requirements of local shoe factories and shoe material factories for shoe machines have reached such a high level that many local shoe machine enterprises are hard to meet Jinjiang shoemaking machine also has a brilliant history: with its excellent imitation ability, Jinjiang shoemaking machine once made Taiwan’s largest shoemaking machine, which occupied the largest market share in Jinjiang, a “falling flower and flowing water”. Five years ago, Jinjiang shoes machinery accounted for 80% of the local market share, reaching a peak; Today, the figure is less than 30%. 50% of this loss was carved up by “defeated generals” such as Dingsheng and Tiangang from Taiwan who laughs last laughs sweetest. With its excellent imitation ability, Jinjiang shoemaking machine may be able to become the leader when the market is rapidly expanding, and even beat the imitators to “drop flowers and water”. However, when the market tends to be stable, what can Jinjiang shoemaking machine do with others. Maybe today, Jinjiang shoe machine still can make money in Vietnam and 1ndia market with the advantage of cost performance. But when the requirements of these markets for shoe machines are also raised, where should Jinjiang shoe machine go Author: Wang Zhiqian

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