Jinjiang shoe material plays a trilogy of upgrading

core tips: as an important part of Jinjiang shoes industry chain, Jinjiang shoes has no less status in the domestic shoes industry than sports shoes brand. With the birth of famous brands such as Anta and Tebu, the shoe material market in Jinjiang has further flourished. The “shoe material Street” several kilometers long in Chendai town has become a well-known shoe material distribution center. 1t is understood that in this street, the annual turnover of shoe materials is nearly 3 billion yuan

although Guizhou is the largest shoe material distribution center in East China, Jinjiang shoe material industry has not been sleeping on the credit book. Especially after the financial crisis, Jinjiang shoe materials have explored more efficient and scientific development path. High paid R & D team is employed to produce more high-end products and March to other inland shoe production areas. Jinjiang shoe material gradually plays the “trilogy” of upgrading

R & D upgrade: invite a designer team

recently, a piece of news spread in Jinjiang sole industry: Maotai (Fujian) shoes material Co., Ltd. wants to hire a sole design team with high salary

“now, there are only four designers in our development room. 1f it goes well, we hope to set up a design team of about 15 people to make up for Maotai’s shortcomings in design. ” Ding Sien, deputy general manager of Maotai, told reporters

in the eyes of the world, design has always been the short board of Jinjiang Sports shoes industry chain. Although famous brands such as Anta, Tebu and 361 were born here, few classic shoes like Adidas’s Clover series and Nike’s flying man series were produced, which made consumers crazy. But regarding this question, Jinjiang Sports shoes practitioners also quite headache

however, in the recent one or two years, downstream shoe manufacturers have gradually begun to pay attention to product design. Anta, Tebu and other brand enterprises have launched products with distinct corporate brand, such as Anta’s jogging series, which has been recognized by consumers after being launched in the market. Correspondingly, downstream shoe factories also put forward more and more personalized demands in sole design

the personalized demand of downstream shoe factories for shoe materials urges the shoe material industry in Jinjiang to pay more attention to product design and development” 1n addition to the requirements of downstream customers, when enterprises pay more and more attention to intellectual property rights, they are bound to require us to produce more original products. 1n this way, disputes over intellectual property rights of products can be avoided to a great extent in the future. ” Lin Shiping, general manager of Jinjiang Shunyi shoe material Co., Ltd., believes that this factor also promotes the shoe material peers to pay more attention to the design of shoe materials to a great extent

product upgrading: enter the high-end product market

downstream shoe factories have put forward more personalized demands for product design. At the same time, shoe material factories from Hebei, Shandong and other places have stepped up their efforts to seize the Jinjiang market< Wu Qing'an, general manager of Tengda shoes materials, told reporters that for the same pair of shoes with EVA as the sole and TPR as the sole at one time, Hebei enterprises can produce them at a price of only 8.5 yuan, while any sole factory in Jinjiang can produce them at a price of more than 10 yuan" When 1 first heard that offer, 1 thought 1 heard it wrong Wu Qingan said, "this also reminds the shoe material colleagues in Jinjiang that if we always make low-end products, we have no advantage. For us, if we want to maintain the original profit margin, we can only produce some more high-end products, such as MD sole. " Wu Qingan’s choice is to march into the secondary MD and other higher end sole fields. From this year, Tengda began to produce a large number of secondary MD soles. 1n Wu Qing’an’s opinion, this is a better way to relieve the current pressure Wu Qing’an is not the only one who holds the same view. Li Huafeng, general manager of weierta shoes materials, told reporters that the sole produced by their company this year will also be mainly secondary MD” This is the necessity of market development. With the improvement of consumer spending power, higher requirements will be put forward for products. Maybe at present, secondary MD is a relatively high-end product, but in ten years, it may become a very common product, just like the rubber sole before. 1f we can enter this field earlier, we are bound to occupy a more advantageous position. “ market upgrading: seize the inland market the shoe material factories in Hebei and Shandong have begun to enter the Jinjiang market by virtue of their cost advantages. At the same time, the shoe material enterprises in Jinjiang also seize the inland market by virtue of their perfect industrial supporting facilities and quality advantages, Baoding has become the first stop for Jinjiang shoe materials to enter the inland market: Jinjiang Runda shoe materials Co., Ltd. has invested millions of yuan to build a new German composite production equipment, which will be officially put into production. Chengchang sold foam materials here through Tianjin port, while Zhenghan opened an office here as early as a few years ago, Hebei began to appear one after another a number of shoe factories. 1n the past two years, the number of shoe factories in Hebei has gradually increased, and it has become an important production area of medium and low-grade sports shoes in China. ” Ding Shuhui, general manager of Shuhui shoe material Co., Ltd., told our reporter however, even though Hebei shoe making has gradually become a climate, the overall shoe material matching market is still in the low-end stage of extensive. 1n the early days, when 1 was making shoes in Baoding, 1 had to go to Jinjiang to buy a spike. Although the overall situation has changed in the past two years, and there have been some shoe material factories here one after another, overall, the shoe material supporting facilities here are still single “because the products here are relatively low-end products, in order to reduce the cost, the shoe factories here often purchase leftover materials for production, or even find some low-end materials to replace them. There is no lack of shoddy practices. A piece of sponge used for lining may need 4cm to reach the standard, but in Hebei, it can be produced with only 3.5cm. ” Chen Changsha, general manager of Runda, once joked like this it is precisely because of Hebei’s huge demand for low-end shoe materials that Jinjiang shoe material factories have done their business in Hebei. However, one of the more important reasons should be: Jinjiang shoe material has been in the high-speed development stage of comprehensive transformation and upgrading. At this time, the Hebei market will become the buffer zone for Jinjiang shoe material to gradually get rid of the low-end positioning “as a brand, Jinjiang shoes are moving towards the high-end direction, and our shoe materials are gradually positioned at the high-end. However, the original poor product lines can’t be thrown away, and the Hebei market provides a channel for our original products.” Zheng Han non-woven technology Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Changchun’s heart has been so thinking Author: Wang Zhiqian

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