Jinjiang, the capital of shoes, is about to start the construction of equipment manufacturing base

it is estimated that by the end of this month, Anhai Park, the key base of the provincial equipment manufacturing industry (Jinjiang), will complete the land acquisition plan of 4000 mu in two months. While the government is promoting land acquisition, Jinjiang equipment manufacturing industry association is also taking the lead in initiating the construction of a 400 mu 1ndustrial Park in Anhai 1ndustrial Park, jointly funded by units above the vice president level, to attract local small and medium-sized machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises and meet the needs of industrial expansion

small and medium-sized enterprises can not be absent from the park

due to the limited land resources, Jinjiang Municipal government requires the equipment manufacturing base to strictly control the entry threshold. According to relevant regulations, projects with a total investment of more than 20 million yuan can be located in the park alone, while projects with a total investment of less than 20 million yuan can only be settled by leasing or purchasing standard plants in principle. 1n this way, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises with limited funds in Jinjiang will be excluded from the park. Considering the supporting industrial chain, people in the industry generally believe that the park should fully consider the survival carrier of small and medium-sized enterprises

it is understood that the machinery manufacturing industry in Jinjiang is still relatively scattered, including large enterprises such as Manyu shoe machinery and Jingong machinery, as well as hundreds of workshops. They form a very close supporting chain. 1t is precisely because of the uneven development that the large-scale development and agglomeration effect have not been formed so far, which is in urgent need of further improvement” Small enterprises must carry out supporting, so that the whole industrial chain can be complete, which is conducive to enterprises to play a gathering effect and build a more efficient industrial chain. ” Yan Qiqin, deputy general manager of Jinjiang Xingda mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., deeply felt the importance of industrial chain cultivation. Although the company has been producing industrial electrical parts for ABB group, a global top 500 enterprise, for a long time, Yan Qiqin believes that if small and medium-sized enterprises are allowed to develop freely and stay in the original stage, it will be detrimental to the whole industry. On the contrary, promoting their upgrading and transformation can enhance the basic supporting ability of the industry

last year, Jinjiang Equipment Manufacturing Association conducted a questionnaire survey on the land demand of small and medium-sized enterprises in the city. The results show that more than 100 enterprises are willing to move in, and the total demand for standard workshops is 980000 square meters, among which only 15 small and medium-sized enterprises in the well-known machinery parts casting village, Xishe village, collectively occupy 100000 square meters. 1n order to guide the small and medium-sized and cooperative enterprises in the surrounding areas to enter through technological transformation, a 400 mu professional park was planned as early as last year

“order form” operation

according to the preliminary intention, the total investment of the professional park project is expected to be 200 million yuan, with 100 million yuan as the registered capital in the first phase and 100 million yuan as the capital in the second phase raised from financial institutions in batches with land and real estate mortgage. At present, the association has initially worked out the equity ratio” We plan to adopt market-oriented operation and set up Jinjiang equipment manufacturing industry 1nvestment Co., Ltd. to be responsible for the preliminary project construction task of Anhai investment professional park and the property management work after the park construction is put into operation. ” According to Xu Yuannan, executive vice president of Jinjiang equipment manufacturing industry association, the professional park will be led by the association to launch 28 units above vice president to take shares, and the demolished villages will take shares collectively. At the same time, Hongqiao venture capital and other strategic partners will be introduced for investment. 1n terms of operation ideas, the park will adopt the “order form” approach to build a number of standard plants for rental or sale to small and medium-sized machinery enterprises in Jinjiang City

at present, the association has done all the preparatory work, and has been running around for the business license of the investment company” According to the preliminary assumption, this is a big housekeeper company. ” A staff member of the association said that the company actually serves for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the preliminary plan proposed by the association, the business scope of the new company is very wide. The living supporting facilities such as staff apartments, canteens, shopping malls and cultural and sports facilities settled in the enterprise are all constructed by the company and contracted by relevant organizations. At the same time, we should set up our own characteristic supporting property management services to provide security, cleaning and other supporting services for small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to reduce the supporting burden of small and medium-sized enterprises” Don’t look at these trifles. With these supporting facilities, small and medium-sized enterprises can retain talents. ” Jinjiang equipment manufacturing industry association said that in the future, the settled enterprises only need to consider improving production technology, training workers and ensuring product quality

“we also hope to attract dealers of all kinds of mechanical parts and professional institutions of mechanical design and drawing.” Xu Yuannan said that according to the establishment plan of the new company, consideration will also be given to the construction of a public service building for the equipment manufacturing industry in the region, the introduction of external professional resources, the establishment of a testing center, a training center and an exhibition center for the equipment manufacturing industry, and the introduction of financial, legal, management consulting, postal and telecommunications, logistics, intermediary services and other institutions, Provide relevant supporting services for enterprises entering the zone

it is understood that with the end of land acquisition, this project will start soon, and it is expected that the standard plant project of provincial equipment manufacturing industry (Jinjiang) key base will enter the substantive construction stage in the second half of the year

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