Jinyuanmudanba coal mine strengthens the labor protection management initiative consciousness

On July 20, the labor union committee of mudanba coal mine of Jinyuan group organized a labor insurance management forum, which was attended by the leaders in charge of labor insurance, Party branch secretaries, trade union presidents at all levels, labor insurance administrators in production areas and some employee representatives. The forum fully listened to the opinions and suggestions of front-line personnel, found out the problems existing in the current labor insurance management, and deployed relevant work

the labor insurance management forum is an important measure for the mine to implement the “ten regulations on the protection of miners’ life and safety by the mine manager”. At the forum, we investigated the demand for labor protection articles, the quality of labor protection articles and the timeliness of distribution, and mastered more detailed first-hand information, which provided a strong guarantee for the next step to improve the management level of labor protection

the main leaders of the mine have made the following work arrangements: first, further enhance the initiative awareness of labor insurance management, functional departments should strengthen research, master the actual demand of employees for labor insurance supplies and the adaptability of labor insurance supplies; Second, the production department should establish a more detailed account of labor protection articles, and distribute the labor protection articles to the employees in time according to their different positions; Third, the production area should report the adjustment plan to the functional department in time according to the current labor protection supplies distribution plan and the actual needs of the post; Fourth, the trade union should give full play to the supervision function, supervise the determination of labor supplies plan, the purchase and distribution of labor protection supplies, and refine the assessment methods of relevant links, so as to ensure that the labor protection supplies with high quality and in line with the characteristics of employees’ posts can be distributed to employees in a timely manner; Fifthly, the work area should strengthen the management of labor insurance to ensure that the employees can use the labor insurance appliances to protect their lives and health; Sixth, the logistics management personnel should further strengthen the service consciousness, enhance the initiative of work, and do a good job in cleaning, drying and repairing the labor protection articles

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