Jinzhou locomotive depot carries out special inspection on labor insurance in summer

1n order to ensure the safety and health of summer workers and successfully complete the task of summer transportation, Jinzhou locomotive depot recently launched a special inspection activity on the labor protection of summer workers from September 10 to ensure the safety of summer work

in this section, the cadres of each workshop and department go deep into the front line of the workshop team, listen to the opinions and requirements of the employees on the labor protection work in summer, carefully analyze and sort out the problems found in the inspection, formulate the rectification measures, implement the rectification responsibilities, and ensure the safety and health of the employees during the summer games. Each workshop and department should arrange the inspection time and scope reasonably, and use one month to understand and master the implementation of heatstroke prevention and cooling work of summer workers. During the inspection, all workshops and departments can combine the reality of summer transportation and flood control work of their own departments to form a special inspection group for labor protection of summer workers, focusing on in-depth inspection of the workplace of their own workshops and departments

in the section, 12 inspection groups are formed with the workshop as the unit, focusing on whether the heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies are distributed in place on time, the specific types and quantities of distribution, and whether the product quality meets the requirements of national and industrial standards. Check whether the use of special expenses for heatstroke prevention meets the requirements of the Railway Bureau, and whether the distribution of heatstroke prevention supplies meets the standards of the Railway Bureau. Whether ventilation and cooling facilities are used in the workshops and workplaces where the workers are concentrated, whether they can be used normally, whether cool drinks and spare heatstroke medicine are provided for the workers, etc. Whether the departments should strengthen the labor organization and reasonably arrange the summer work time to avoid the long-time work in high temperature period and effectively prevent the occurrence of heatstroke

at present, each inspection team is going deep into each team to inspect according to the inspection arrangement, and timely report and deal with the problems found to the relevant departments, so as to ensure the labor safety of summer workers

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