Joint efforts of inspection, administration and enterprises to help the export of Chengdu footwear products

since the beginning of this year, through the cooperation of inspection, government and enterprises, the export of footwear products in Chengdu has increased steadily. After inspection and supervision, 2837 batches of footwear products have been exported, with the value of US $115 million, up 32.1% and 9.9% respectively on a year-on-year basis

the government has taken a number of measures to support enterprises to export and undertake industrial transfer. According to the actual situation of abundant labor resources and superior basic conditions of shoe industry and textile industry in Sichuan Province, the Sichuan provincial government timely issued incentives, subsidies and preferential measures to encourage and support export enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and continuously undertake the transfer of coastal production enterprises and foreign trade orders, which has attracted some large shoe enterprises to Sichuan for development and also attracted a large number of purchase orders

enterprises should speed up the adjustment of product structure and improve product quality. 1n the past, the export of leather shoes in Chengdu was mainly leather shoes, which was obviously in the low and peak seasons. 1n recent years, Sichuan shoe enterprises have been constantly adjusting their product structure to produce women’s boots, women’s shoes, sandals, slippers, sports and leisure shoes, rubber shoes, special labor protection shoes and other products, expanding the scope of production and upgrading the product grade, making “off-season is not light”

Sichuan inspection and quarantine bureau provides real-time risk early warning information to enterprises, and provides high-quality and efficient services to footwear production enterprises. On the basis of promoting classified management and electronic supervision and speeding up the speed of customs clearance, the Bureau strives to shorten the time of customs clearance and reduce costs for enterprises. Through centralized scheduling, reasonable deployment of personnel, scheduling work hours and other ways to help enterprises to achieve smooth exports.

(Yue Chuan Sun Jian)

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