Journalists should be familiar with safety knowledge

Enterprise news propaganda is an important field of the party’s news propaganda work and an important part of enterprise ideological and political work. 1n the process of enterprise reform and development, how to play a good role in guiding, inspiring, encouraging and uniting people in the news propaganda work, and better serve the economic construction and development of enterprises, is the bounden political responsibility and basic skills of the majority of enterprise journalists

work safety publicity is a professional, technical, safety and regulatory work. However, in daily news reports, we often find that when some correspondents report grass-roots safety work, they are vague or do not pay attention to the details of news reports due to the lack of safety knowledge, There are often errors in terms of news works, or the characters reported in the photos do not meet the safety regulations when wearing safety helmets, or the labor protection articles are not complete when entering the production site, or in order to show someone’s hardworking and selfless dedication, there are reports of sick work or “continuous rotation” on the work post for many days. 1t should be said that the reporter’s original intention is good, in order to show the encouraging effect of positive reports, but these news propaganda that do not meet the requirements of production safety will cause bad effects, and even affect the reputation of the news media. 1n this regard, the author believes that the journalists should be familiar with the safety knowledge and take it as an important responsibility for every correspondent to learn and use the safety knowledge and safety regulations

objectivity, impartiality and truthfulness are the life of news propaganda, and strictly abiding by safety production regulations is the discipline and professional ethics of news reporting. Therefore, the news propaganda workers should strengthen the study and cultivation of enterprise safety production laws and regulations, professional and technical knowledge, and master and use them. 1n the propaganda report, no matter the text propaganda or the picture report, all the details should comply with the safety production regulations. All news articles, pictures and figures related to work safety and professional terms of the industry should be true and correct, and sent to leaders and personnel of relevant departments of work safety, production and technology for examination and control. Only in this way, can we avoid the mistakes and mistakes in the news propaganda report, and the negative influence of speaking the jargon, and also can we give play to the mouthpiece role of the news propaganda report in serving the economic construction

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