JSP (jieshibi) China donated protective equipment to the disaster stricken areas of Wenchuan County for the first time

At 14:28 on the 12th, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, which affected many regions of China, causing serious personnel and property losses. JSP China, as a well-known European enterprise specializing in the production and sales of personal protective equipment, immediately took emergency rescue measures on the same day and decided to donate safety helmets, masks and other materials for rescue workers to the disaster stricken areas Protective glasses and other rescue equipment worth about 500000 yuan were used as the first batch of relief materials. JSP (jieshibi) China is currently in active contact with the Red Cross Society of China to ensure that relief materials can be delivered to the victims in time. JSP China calls on people of insight from all walks of life to make joint efforts to provide necessary personal protective equipment for officers, soldiers and volunteers who are struggling in the first line of disaster relief. Only when we protect ourselves, we can better put into the work of disaster relief. Jieshibi company adheres to the spirit of inheriting and carrying forward JSP professionalism and dedication, always implements the quality concept of people-oriented and safety first, and is committed to the globalization process of safety protection industry, expecting to bring safety and health to every corner and every user(China labor insurance net)

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