Just in case when going down the well

On the morning of Ma4, two workers of Zhongshan public works Co., Ltd. suffered from “biogas poisoning” while carrying out underground operation in Changzhou Road, western district. One died on the spot and one was in a coma and was hospitalized. After the accident, the Municipal Bureau of work safety set up an accident investigation team. The person in charge of the company concerned preliminarily judged that it was an accident

before this incident, “biogas poisoning” occurred underground and caused death frequently in the newspapers. On September 25, 2011, three workers at the construction site of phase 111 project of Nanjing Chengdong sewage treatment plant near ningdan Road, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing City, encountered unidentified gas and fell down during troubleshooting of underground water pump. The three workers died when they were rescued. On November 8, 2006, three workers in Shanghai died of methane poisoning due to lack of necessary protective facilities when they were working underground in Gaoqing Road, Aibo Road, Pudong New Area. There are still many such cases. Mr. Feng, the person in charge of Zhongshan public works company, said: “when Guangzhou was doing the rain sewage diversion project, some workers died of biogas poisoning.”

then why is there still a fatal event of “biogas poisoning” in underground operation? Mr. Feng explained, “workers will wear gas masks when they go down the old pipes, but the pipes in this incident were built around the Spring Festival. 1t is reasonable that there will be no biogas, so the workers did not wear gas masks.”

however, the underground pipe network is very old and complicated. 1n order to protect the lives of workers, Nandu reporter suggested that workers should wear gas masks in case of going down the well

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