Kangnai shoes industry: achieving high end brand transformation with high success

more than ten years ago, Zheng Xiukang, the chairman of Kangnai Shoes Co., Ltd., used to look down at the feet of pedestrians when walking on the Roman street. At that time, none of the foreigners wore Kangnai shoes. He thought that he had to let China’s own brand shoes go abroad. Not long ago, Tang Da, chairman of the 1talian Shoe Retailers Association, met Zheng Xiukang, but repeatedly raised his thumb and exclaimed, “the officials of the Roman city hall are wearing Kangnai shoes. Kangnai is great!”

today, with the “head up” logo, Cornell has stepped into more than 20 countries, including France, the Netherlands and the United States, with an overseas sales growth rate of 20% this year. Next month, as the first Chinese shoe company to implement overseas brand monopoly, Kangnai will launch its own high-end brand, sell in 200 stores, and gradually go overseas to attract more and more overseas high-end consumers

the persistence of “overseas strategy” has found a new growth point for Kangnai. Russia’s ussurisk cooperation zone, one of the first batch of National Overseas Economic and trade cooperation zones led by Kangnai, is shifting from focusing on processing to paying equal attention to processing and trade, and has set up trading companies in Russia to lead more small and medium-sized enterprises in Wenzhou to “go out”. With the steady development of the cooperation zone, Kangnai has opened more than 230 stores (cabinets and halls) around the world in the past nine years. Now, Kangnai has set foot in Southeast Asia and European Union market, and strives to develop overseas high-end market

“Kangnai should make full use of its high-end manufacturing advantages and strive to build a high-end brand with international reputation.” Zheng Xiukang said that Kangnai is taking a road of transformation and upgrading of “indomitable”, that is, to become a high-end brand manufacturer with high-end brands going up “indomitable” and communicating with consumers going down “indomitable”

to win by “high” and start from “reality” has always been the mystery of Kangnai’s leading development. 1n the past 30 years, from the first mechanized production in Wenzhou shoe industry to the first batch of famous trademarks in China’s shoe industry, from the first “king of China’s shoe industry” to the first “king of China’s leather leading shoes”, to the first “National Quality Award” in China’s shoe industry, Kangnai has established more than 20 number one enterprises in the industry. Today, Kangnai, at the age of 30, once again stands at the “high end” and strives to “hold up a sky” among Wenzhou’s many brands to explore a new mode of transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou’s advantageous industries

the high-end manufacturing capacity brought by years of technological innovation has injected a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of Kangnai. 1n order to pursue the comfort of leather shoes, Kangnai has developed a series of products such as “business comfort shoes”, which are widely used with high and new technologies such as “Goodyear sewing technology” and “flexible insole technology”. What is behind this is Kangnai’s 30 years of manufacturing skills, 280 fine processes, 500 meter operation process, 13 core technologies and 30 technical patents

the launch of high-end brand strategy has opened a new development path for Kangnai. 1n the past less than a year, Kangnai has entered a number of “Wenzhou minggou” stores in Tianjin, Jiangsu and other places. 1n the next step, Kangnai will launch another high-end brand “kenol”, focusing on the high-end markets at home and abroad, entering the mainstream shopping malls in the first and second tier cities, and opening its own franchised stores, priced between 1200 yuan and 2000 yuan

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