keep a wet towel under the helmet and wear thick gloves to prevent scalding

1n August, “sauna weather” makes many people hide in air-conditioned rooms. However, there are such a group of people who are busy outdoors in the scorching sun, boosting the development of project construction. They are the workers who stick to the construction sites of various projects. A few days ago, the reporter went to the construction site of Suning yunshang Hunan e-commerce 1ndustrial Park in Wangcheng economic and Technological Development Zone and captured the touching scenes of workers sticking to their posts and grasping the construction under the high temperature

the total investment of Suning yunshang Hunan e-commerce 1ndustrial Park is 1.1 billion yuan, mainly building intelligent storage center, automatic picking center, intelligent settlement center, intelligent cloud logistics platform, Suning yunshang Hunan e-commerce Regional Headquarters and Tiantian express Hunan regional headquarters. After the full operation of the project, it is expected to realize the sales of 10 billion yuan of goods, and the tax revenue will exceed 100 million yuan, which will bring more convenient consumption experience to Hunan consumers

at the construction site of Suning yunshang Hunan e-commerce 1ndustrial Park, the reporter saw that more than 600 workers were working in the scorching sun, stepping up preparations for the formal operation of the industrial park in the first half of next year. Workers are busy tying steel bars, building scaffolding, moving steel pipes, building walls… Sweat drips down their cheeks, and their clothes are soaked with sweat

the temperature of the concrete floor exposed to the sun rises rapidly, and soon the reporter is sweating and his skin begins to get hot. How do workers who work outdoors for a long time prevent heatstroke? The reporter found that the workers were fully armed: they wore wet towels on their heads, helmets and thick gloves on their hands. And those who are leveling the concrete floor of the roof of the building will be wrapped tightly, almost invisible

“it’s much better to protect your skin than to be directly exposed to the sun.” Since the construction started in April this year, Huang Zhengzhou from Chongqing has been sticking to the construction site. As a result of years of outdoor work, his skin was tanned. Huang Zhengzhou is carrying steel pipes. 1n the sun, the temperature of the steel pipe reached 50 or 60 degrees centigrade. 1f you touch it with your hand, you will be scalded. 1n order to prevent his hands from being scalded, Huang Zhengzhou put on thick canvas gloves. He said with a smile, “we have a sense of achievement when we watch the factory building.”< According to Xie Yanchun, project director of Hunan e-commerce 1ndustrial Park of Suning yunshang, the project was officially signed on December 14 last year, and the preliminary work such as design and environmental impact assessment was completed and construction started in less than four months. At present, about 70% of the building structure works of the project have been completed, and the construction is expected to be completed before the end of the year. 1t is reported that with the four leading e-commerce enterprises of Suning, Jingdong, Gome and vipshop gathered in Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, the park will take Changsha e-commerce 1ndustrial Park as a platform to promote the deep integration of big data and e-commerce, realize the connection and intercommunication between online and offline, and strive to build Changsha e-commerce 1ndustrial Park into a new 100 billion level industrial cluster in Changsha through five years' efforts, Build a first-class e-commerce industry demonstration base in China

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