Keep production operations away from blood and death

June this year is the 11th “safety production month” in China, and the first week of the month is “safety production accident warning education week”

recently, the reporter collected four typical accident cases from various industries and fields through the Municipal Bureau of work safety, and let them tell the lessons of safety production one by one at the cost of blood. 1t is hoped that business owners and workers can take this as a reference, enhance their awareness of prevention and protection ability, prevent similar accidents from happening again, and keep production operations away from blood and death< At 9:40 on Januar5, Kuang, the technical director of an individual processing plant in Xincheng, found that the motor of the waste gas treatment device in the factory had a fault in the production process, which had seriously affected the operation of the production line and needed to be repaired immediately. He opened the channel to enter the regional maintenance equipment, and a strong odor came to his nose. Kuang had fallen to the ground before he could cover his nose and mouth seeing Kuang fainting, worker Huang rushed into the maintenance area immediately and was also “attacked” by the poisonous gas and fell to the ground. Worker Wang saw two people fall to the ground, also without thinking to rush in. As soon as he entered the area, Wang obviously felt that he had difficulty breathing, and his mouth and nose were full of disgusting smell. He realized that the poisonous gas was very heavy and immediately ran back, but he fainted after a few steps when Xue, the driver of the factory, saw three people fall to the ground one after another, he covered his mouth and nose with a rag, held his breath and pulled them out of the area one by one” By the time they were rescued, the three people were already purple and unconscious! ” When Xue recalled the scene at that time, he was still palpitating in the end, Kuang and Huang died after ineffective rescue, while Wang was cured and discharged investigation: due to the failure of the waste gas treatment device, a large amount of toxic gas accumulated in the narrow area, and the worker Kuang entered rashly without wearing the necessary safety protection device and emergency rescue equipment, resulting in acute poisoning, which is the direct cause of the accident. 1n addition, workers Huang and Wang lacked rescue knowledge and did not take effective personal protective measures to save people, which led to the further expansion of the accident, resulting in two deaths and one poisoning coma according to the analysis of the accident investigation team, in addition to the above reasons, several staff members did not receive safety knowledge training, had weak awareness of safety production, and lacked awareness of the danger of entering the limited space, which led to the accident, and then blindly rescued after the accident, which led to the expansion of the accident in addition, the processing plant is engaged in aluminum oxidation (pickling) processing beyond the scope, the safety production management on site is not in place, and the operators are not informed of the danger of the area, safety operation specifications, accident prevention measures, emergency measures and the correct use of protective equipment, which should be attached great importance in the future work< According to the introduction, there are 199 pickling enterprises in our city. Without the approval of the environmental protection department, these enterprises have no pollution prevention facilities, and the waste gas and wastewater are directly discharged, which has a significant impact on the environment and become a typical industrial pollution problem the accident investigation team suggested that the relevant departments should rectify these polluting enterprises as soon as possible< At 17:00 on February 22, Zhou, an employee of Xincheng No.1 auto parts manufacturing company, was working in the lathe processing workshop. Suddenly, there was a loud bang from the right side behind him, accompanied by a heartrending scream. Zhou immediately looked back and saw that Yu's open jacket was caught by the fast rotating turntable of the lathe. The whole person was thrown by the turntable onto the wall inside the lathe and slowly slipped down, leaving a bloodstain on the wall Zhou was stunned by the scene and stopped for a few seconds. He immediately threw away the work at hand, turned off the power supply of the lathe, and called a person in charge of the company to lift Yu out of the inner wall of the lathe. At this time, Yu has been dying, delirious, blood constantly overflowing from the back of his head Yu was sent to the hospital and died at 19:00 on the same day investigation: during the working period, when the lathe was operating in violation of regulations, it did not fasten the work clothes. When adjusting the chuck and correcting and measuring the workpiece, it did not turn off the power supply of the lathe, but directly took off the guard, so that the corner of the clothes was hooked by the turntable, which led to the accident. 1n addition, the installation of electrical circuit in the production site of the unit is not standardized, the stamping equipment is not installed with grounding protection device and leakage protector, and the simple exhaust fan is used illegally although Li, the person in charge of the company, has passed the safety production certification training for the person in charge of the enterprise, he has not organized the staff to carry out the safety training, has not formulated the safety management system and established the safety management account, and has not formulated the post safety operation procedures it is understood that a few years ago, there were incidents in our city where employees were injured or killed due to improper wearing of uniforms. The accident investigation team said that it may be a small matter in people’s eyes to correctly wear staff uniform, but it can be seen from the case that it is a matter of life and death, which can not be ignored all the time. Some enterprises in our city have clear regulations on the dress of employees, and employees must strictly abide by them and hold up a safe “umbrella” for themselves. 1n addition, the enterprise should establish and improve the safety production management system and the safety technical operation procedures of various types of work, conscientiously implement them, strictly implement them, carry out the education and training of staff safety production, and improve the staff’s safety production knowledge and self prevention ability accidentally fell into the equipment and crushed to death case replay: at 7:00 a.m. on March 12, Wu, the workshop director of a paper mill, found that the polyester mesh of flow shop operation deviated. He immediately found a flashlight and went into the middle part of the drum and dryer for adjustment due to the unclear location of the alignment, Wu slowly approached the polyester mesh step by step, trying to find out the alignment point. Unexpectedly, 1 accidentally stepped on the air and fell into the polyester net, and the whole person was brought into the dryer and rolled, and suddenly blood was flowing. A few minutes later, the papermaking operator found that the machine was abnormal and could not operate normally. He immediately stopped the machine to check. He found that Wu was sandwiched between two dryers, his mouth and nose were bleeding, and he had fainted the paper worker decisively cut the polyester net, lifted Wu out and called the emergency number. Sent to the hospital, Wu eventually due to injury, rescue invalid death investigation: as the person in charge of the paper workshop, Wu had no sense of safety in production, and did not stop operation during the process of adjusting the paper machine, resulting in tragedy. 1n addition, the direct cause of the accident is that there are no protective railings on both sides of the dryer according to the accident investigation team, the paper factory only pays attention to production, not management, does not urge employees to strictly implement the safety production rules and regulations and operation procedures of the unit, and does not set up safety warning signs in corresponding places. The factory should establish and improve the safety production management system and the safety technical operation procedures of various types of work and strictly implement them, carry out the safety production education and training for employees, and improve their safety production knowledge and self prevention ability. There are dangerous areas around the tiger mouth and dryer in the workshop, so protective railings should be set up. Many times, a little negligence of the enterprise may cost the lives of the employees according to Dai Xiaobo, a member of the accident investigation team, summing up the safety accidents for many years, employees’ weak awareness of safety production and illegal operation are the main causes of safety accidents in various industries and fields, and 10 accidents and 9 illegal operations. We hope that enterprises can draw attention from this working without a license falling color steel shed and losing life case replay: on February 18, the old color steel shed of Taoshan No.1 machinery company was demolished. Construction workers Bai and Chen were standing on both sides of the color steel shed about 7 meters high to remove. At about 16 o’clock, Chen, standing on the left side of the demolition, heard the cracking sound of the colored steel shed and a scream of “ah”. When he turned back, he no longer saw Bai. He quickly came down from the steel shed to check and found that Bai was lying on the ground, with blood flowing out of the back of his head and no response Chen cried out for help anxiously: “help, someone fell!” There are passers-by around to help, and they will send Bai to Taoshan Central Hospital for treatment. Finally, because of the injury, Bai returned to Tianfa< 1nvestigation: the color steel shed was built in 2005. After several years of wind and rain, the crossbeam has been rotten and can not support a person’s weight; 1n addition, the worker Bai did not obtain the corresponding special operation qualification, went to work in violation of regulations, and did not wear safety belt and helmet during construction according to the analysis of the accident investigation team, the company lacks necessary safety production conditions, lacks inspection and supervision on the construction site, and does not provide necessary labor protection articles; 1n addition, the renovation business of color steel shed will be contracted out to individuals without corresponding demolition qualification, and the illegal construction shall be stopped immediately Dai Xiaobo said that in many cases, the occurrence of dangerous situations is caused by the ignorance of legal knowledge of enterprises and employees. For example, once the company conscientiously studies and strictly abides by the production safety law of the people’s Republic of China, contracts the construction business to the units or individuals with production safety conditions and corresponding qualifications, signs the production safety management agreement, and coordinates and manages the production safety work of the contractors, such incidents will not occur in recent years, unlicensed work accounted for 2% of all safety accidents

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