Keeping constant temperature for safe work

Constant temperature, a professional term, refers to the use of manual or automatic control methods to keep the temperature constant. Keeping “constant temperature” in safety work refers to maintaining safety awareness and continuous safety behavior, so as to keep the alarm ringing and persevere

safety is related to people’s lives, so the alarm must ring for a long time

life is the most precious thing for people, because everyone has only one life. And the hidden danger is the biggest threat to life, it always looks like a ferocious beast, staring at us. Therefore, as a production unit, people-oriented, first of all, people’s lives, respect, cherish and ensure the safety of people’s lives. General secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that human life is impassable and development must not be at the expense of human life. This must be an insurmountable red line. This important instruction fully reflects that the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to ensuring the safety of people’s lives. The right to life is the most basic right of human rights. To enjoy the security of safety and health is the basic right of workers and the basic demand of life. Every laborer should not only have this right, but also respect and exercise it. He should not tarnish the sanctity of the right because of the inducement of interests or temporary difficulties. Every citizen should respect others and his own life, and must maintain and guarantee the safety of production and life, otherwise he will be punished and severely punished by law. This requires us to maintain a high degree of safety vigilance, abide by the rules and regulations, and constantly enhance the sense of responsibility of respecting life. Safety is life, and the alarm must ring forever

security is a matter of national property and must be persevered

security is not only about people’s lives, but also about state property. Every safety accident will cause large or small property losses to the country. 1n this sense, safety must also be persevered. Safety is the most basic condition for a country’s economic development. Negligence or error in any detail in production may lead to safety accidents, resulting in damage to national property and even human life. Therefore, the safety managers at all levels must fully understand the seriousness of the current safety production situation, strictly implement the safety production responsibility system, and strengthen the supervision of safety production. All producers must fully understand the importance of safety, firmly establish the concept of “safety first”, attach great importance to it in thought, keep consistent in action, and truly achieve safety standards and norms. Only in this way can we achieve the goal of safe production, protect human life from threat, and protect national property from loss. Safety is not only life, but also property, which must be prevented at all times

in a word, safety is not only about people’s lives, but also about the property of the country. We must keep the alarm ringing, persevere, keep the “constant temperature”, and avoid sudden cold and heat

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