Kehua’s emergency drill to avoid “acting” but not “Practicing”

“Team leader, PSA unit system pressure drops, combustible gas alarm alarms.” On April 14, Li Xinmei, an operator in the first shift of the hydrogen production unit in the methanol plant of Karamay Petrochemical Company, found the instrument alarm on the DCS screen and immediately reported the situation to the team leader

“wear the air respirator and go to the scene immediately.” The monitor said to Tian Zhihua, a foreign operator” Report to the team leader that there is a large amount of hydrogen leakage from the front flange of No. 7 valve in G tower of PSA unit. ” Three minutes later, there was a rush on the intercom

at 11:20 on the same day, the emergency drill with a large amount of hydrogen leakage in PSA unit of hydrogen production unit as the content was being carried out in the methanol plant of KPC. The process of on-site detection, cordon isolation and removal… The whole drill was clear and standardized from the discovery of leakage point to emergency disposal

“the team members have accurate judgment, proper handling methods and tacit cooperation among all positions.” The evaluation team evaluated the drill

it is understood that the quarterly emergency drill is a safety management activity carried out by Sinopec, which aims to improve the operation skills of employees and the ability to deal with emergencies. KPC requires that the training rate and employee participation rate of each unit in the quarterly emergency drill must reach more than 98%, and the drill of each unit team must be carried out in the way of actual combat, and each team must drill at least once, and it is not allowed to replace the drill by observation

in order to avoid the malpractice of only “acting” but not “Practicing” in the emergency drill, KPC stipulates that it does not inform the workshop of the drill content during the drill. After the evaluators participating in the drill arrive at the drill unit, they randomly select the drill content from various emergency operation cards of the unit

in the process of the drill, the evaluation team composed of personnel from various professional departments is scattered in the operation room and each operation point of the drill site to carefully supervise each link of the “accident” handling

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