Keqiao fabric manufacturer wants to find a new way by clothing

in Keqiao, Shaoxing, a considerable number of fabric manufacturers are thinking about how to transform to the clothing industry” Over the years, 1 have been thinking that no matter how to make intermediate products, they are all making wedding clothes for others. Not only the profit is too low, but also there are too few things that can be inherited. Only by making clothes can we really make a brand and open a century old shop. ” Mr. Zhao, a cloth merchant of Textile City, talked with reporters about his own ideas< Mr. Zhao's idea is very representative in the textile city. Many people in the textile city think like this: making fabrics into clothing, directly facing the terminal market, and making brands. 1n this way of thinking, many businesses began to tentatively take the steps of transformation on June 21, three merchants of the Textile City, introduced by the relevant person in charge of the textile city construction and Management Commission, held talks with the guests of the 1nternational Textile Federation Conference who had made an investigation in Keqiao before. These merchants all have a common goal to acquire international first-line clothing brands and realize the integration of the industrial chain from fabrics to clothing brands it may be a coincidence that Wang Baoyuan, one of China’s top ten fashion designers from Beijing, had conducted in-depth research on the textile city market before planning to settle in Keqiao creative base, and thought that there was a huge potential design market here Wang Baoyuan visited Keqiao international trade center door to door and found that every trading company had samples in the window. However, to his surprise, many samples were made by ordinary tailors on the street at first sight, and they did not contain any design elements at all, which was not commensurate with Keqiao’s status as a textile fabric cluster “it’s a pity to have such a good fabric and such a poor sample!” Wang Baoyuan told his idea to the boss of a company, and drew more than 20 clothing renderings for him. The boss of the company looked at it and found that it was a treasure. He selected more than 10 pieces on the spot “it can be seen that there is a great demand for fashion design in this place. Many businesses know that the added value of fabrics should be improved through designers.” Wang Baoyuan told reporters. According to Wang Baoyuan’s design, a merchant has made fabrics into clothes, selling fabrics while selling clothes. Many clothing dealers have taken a fancy to many kinds of clothes designed and produced by this company with its own fabrics relying on fabrics to achieve the clothing industry “Tianming textile” is a trading company in the Textile City, and also has its own weaving factory to receive orders from outside” The processing factory has been running for more than 10 years. 1 feel that 1 have been working for others. 1f 1 want to survive for a long time, 1 must take the initiative in my own hands. ” The president of the company told reporters that in the second half of last year, the company began to plan and integrate the industrial chain. Not long ago, the company signed a project cooperation contract with a national top ten fashion designer in the creative building. The designer developed a series of clothing for the company, promoted the market and created a clothing brand” 1n the future, our processing plants will be mainly used for the research and development of small batch and multi batch fabrics, provide the best fabrics to ourselves, and design clothes that meet the needs of the terminal market, so as to promote the brand step by step. ” Company manager told reporters “the international clothing giants basically grasp the key links in the industrial chain of fabric design, clothing design, logistics and transportation, and terminal marketing. 1ntegrating this industrial chain is a direction for the transformation and upgrading of the merchants in the textile city. We hope that the qualified merchants will take the lead in growing up, and we will also create a better external environment for them.” Textile City Construction Management Committee Director Zhou Rusheng said

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